Sunday, 10 October 2010

Synopsis for Caprica 1x11, "Retribution," and some cast updates

Here is the synopsis for "Retribution," which airs this Tuesday at 10 on Syfy:

Lacy botches an operation launched by Barnabas, and the Adama brothers begin a campaign of coercion against Daniel's former colleagues while Amanda tries to cope with her losses. - TV Guide
The episode was written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman and directed by Jonas Pate.

Ron Moore, David Eick and Syfy's Mark Stern will be at the Syfy Digital Press Tour this weekend. You can find more details about the panels at Airlock Alpha and follow Michael Hinman on Twitter for updates in real time.

A round of cast updates:

SpoilerTV has a teaser for Glee 2x04, "Duets," directed by Eric Stoltz, which airs this Tuesday at 8 pm on Fox. If you want to hear the songs from the episode, they have them too - here. And file this under "rumour" for now, but daddy Graystone has been spotted around the set of Off the Map, Shonda Rhimes' new show currently filming in Hawaii, so possibly another directing gig to look forward to in the not-so-distant future (mid-season).

TheTVEvent has more details about Paula Malcomson's appearance in The Event 1x06, "Loyalty." The episode was directed by Jonas Pate and will air on Monday, October 25 at 9 pm on NBC.

John Pyper-Ferguson will appear on Castle, episode 3x08, "Murder Most Fowl," which airs on Monday, November 8.

Sanctuary, with Ryan Robbins, returns for a third season this Friday (Oct. 15) at 10 on Syfy. SpoilerTV has a clip from the season premiere.

James Marsters was at the New York Comic Con this week. You can find some clips from the panel at Buffyfest. Among other things, he talked about his character on Hawaii Five-0, Brainiac 5 on Smallville, and whether or not he will be back on Torchwood. He also gave away a few details about his character in Three Inches in this clip. His episode of Smallville also airs this Friday (Oct. 15) at 8 pm on the CW network. SpoilerTV has a preview and the teaser.

Also airing on Friday (at 9 pm) is CSI: NY 7x04, "Sangre por Sangre," with Battlestar's Edward James Olmos. The teaser is here.

Katee Sackhoff will make an appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on Thursday, October 28 at 9 pm in episode 11x06, Cold Blooded. She posted a picture from the set on Twitter the other day. :)

Patton Oswalt guest stars on Bored to Death tomorrow (Sunday at 10 pm on HBO). You can see a sneak peek here. You can also watch last week's episode of Community, in which he appeared as Jackie (male nurse) on Hulu.

If you didn't see the last episode of Hellcats, Aaron Douglas was back this week. You can catch it on Hulu (as soon as they upload it). It's episode 1x05, "The Prisoner's Song."

More updates hopefully coming before Tuesday.

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