Monday, 11 October 2010

Syfy Digital Press Tour report: Moore & Eick on Caprica 1.5

Ron Moore and David Eick attended the Syfy Digital Press Tour in Orlando earlier today and the first reports are in. There is still no word on whether Caprica will get a second season, but Ron Moore is still confident that it will, and Syfy's Mark Stern says that the decision will be made by November 15.

Snippets below are from Zap2It:

In the second half, we'll see more momentum and focus on certain storylines. There will be more tie-ins with the "Battlestar Galactica" mythology. Eick says this is when they're "unapologetically" connecting to its origins instead of trying to establish its own identity. So more "BSG" tone, suspense, action, etc.
Moore says that they have a creative road map for the second season, should they be picked up. It's a fairly detailed plan with several points out on the horizon. So creatively they're ready to go, but just waiting for the green light. It'll almost feel like a fresh start, so you won't be bogged down with the mythology, launching that AI or sentience, from Season 1.

Continuity isn't too difficult because much of the story was created while "BSG" was still going on. "Caprica" pretty much has its own stand-alone mythology. During "BSG's" fourth season, they tried to not mention the origins of Cylons that much in order to give more freedom to the "Caprica" story. In fact, they had to cut a line from Adama who refers to his father.

And there is a short clip from the panel, uploaded by ash0283 here.

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