Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Previews for Caprica 1x13, "False Labor"

Syfy has posted three preview clips and a teaser for episode 1x13, "False Labor," which airs next Tuesday at 10 pm. Still no podcast for yesterday's episode or the one from last week, but you can keep checking here. The sneak peek clips are embedded below.

Here is the synopsis for "False Labor" from the official site:

Political trouble on Tauron causes Sam to put his own life in danger.

Elsewhere, has posted a video chat with Ryan Robbins. He mostly talks about Sanctuary, but there are some interesting bits about Caprica and the characters he played on Battlestar Galactica. As it turns out, there was one we didn't get to see (Head Baltar).

Paula Malcomson won't only appear in episode 1x06 of The Event, but also episode 1x07, "I Know Who You Are." SpoilerTV has the synopsis

Bear McCreary's Human Target CD went on sale yesterday. He also tweeted that a Battlestar piano book definitely might be on the way.

Richard Harmon has either a regular or recurring role in Tower Prep, a show that premiered on the Cartoon Network yesterday.

Finally, here are the clips, with Eric Stoltz, Sasha Roiz, some unfamiliar faces, and a big frakking robot:

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