Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Caprica returns tonight: Cast interviews, videos and updates

A final round of updates before the show returns tonight at 10 on Syfy:

Magda Apanowicz will be doing a live chat at Syfy Connect tonight at 8:45 pm EDT. [Update: The chat has been cancelled.]

Caprica's science advisor Malcolm MacIver has an excellent new post at Discover Magazine: Caprica Puzzle: If a Digital You Lives Forever, Are You Immortal?

Eric Stoltz has posted a few more pictures from the set of "Unvanquished" here. His episode of Glee airs next Tuesday at 8 pm on Fox.

Los Angeles Times has a short interview with Polly Walker here. Snippet:

"I'm not a technical person ... I do well to send an e-mail. But it is interesting that I play a character who wants to create a digital heaven."

Walker, who does believe in God but is not a "particularly religious person," didn't do any specific research for the role.

"Like any actor, I just translated what was put in front of me," said the actress.

Walker also tells us that for this second half of the season, "fans are definitely going to see the action quotient go up. Characters are more active, and Clarice graduates beyond the school."

She will also guest star on Sanctuary this fall.

Paula Malcomson, still a regular on Sons of Anarchy, will make an appearance in The Event, episode 1x06, "Loyalty."

Ausiello at EW says that Ron Moore has a new project in the works, a remake of the ’60s classic The Wild Wild West.

Battlestar's Aaron Douglas tweeted that he starts filming an episode of Eureka tomorrow.

Magda Apanowicz will play Ashley Tisdale's rival on Hellcats later this season. She mentioned it in an interview with Homorazzi.com:

Magda also talked to TV Squad in recent days. The interview is here. Snippet:

They have a life-sized Cylon on the 'Caprica' set. They didn't have one for 'BSG.' Apparently they'd talked about it for so long, but supposedly it's really expensive to create, so they couldn't do it. I think it's so crucial – I can't believe they went so long without one. There are so many scenes when Eric [Stoltz], Paula [Malcolmson] and Polly [Walker] and I were all talking to the Cylons, and you need something there.

Like the infamous tennis ball on a stick?

Yep, we have one of those. There are many times when – sorry if I'm ruining anything for your readers – but I've been in a room before where they literally had a whole bunch of poles that are supposed to symbolize Cylons. That's where imagination comes in, but I find it easy to get lost in the 'Caprica' world, so it's not that big a problem for me. So there's the pole Cylon, the real Cylon, and then there's the cut-out Cylon.

Which do you use?

I usually have the pole. We drew straws and I lost. Eric gets the cut-out. (...)

As a viewer, I felt badly for Lacy, but also wanted to give her a shake. She just seems so meek.
Again, I don't want to ruin anything, but in this second half of the season there is some serious growth of character. Lacy goes on a journey, and she's constantly thrown into these absolutely awful situations and decisions. It's really cool where she goes, and I'm really satisfied... the finale is amazing.

Syfy has posted a fan Q&A with Alessandra Torresani and Sasha Roiz:

Wired has a new bonus clip from the Caprica Season 1.0 DVD, "Making Caprica’s Gritty New Cap City" here.

Serge Graystone is tweeting again.

And The Caprican has an article with a major spoiler for tonight's episode here.

More updates on Twitter as they come. If you haven't signed up there yet, this would be a really good time. ;)

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