Sunday, 31 October 2010

Caprica still cancelled: A frakking open letter

I've been waiting for an updated press release before posting this, but since the scheduling change notice is still the only official statement out there about the show's cancellation and I got an order confirmation from Amazon yesterday saying that the season 1.5 DVD will indeed be released on December 21, there is just no reason for further delay.

The post is addressed to Syfy, NBC Universal, Comcast, other Caprica fans, and just about anyone who is interested in reading it.

And yeah, let's ping DirecTV too, the Obi-Wan to good shows axed too soon (Friday Night Lights, Damages) that also happens to like its actors enough to get them Emmy nods. It's always a long shot, but you never know when they're looking for their next underdog.

Let's start with you, Syfy.

The show you had on your hands had the premise that could have made it a more interesting work of science fiction than Battlestar was. You had the team of writers with the best genre shows in the last two decades on their resumes. A cast on the scale from "great" to "frakking relevation." Bear McCreary. Directors, production design team and VFX guys big networks wish they had on a single show. One of the most interesting universes ever created. The rare, unlikely combination of great talent and great storylines that comes around maybe once or twice a decade.

And somehow, you have been unable to make this show work for you. So this is what we got (again):

18 episodes stretched over three years, with three separate DVD releases, only now with two very special new twists: the show won't continue past those 18 episodes and season 1.75, which you just pushed back to 2011, will be premiering on DVD. The only explanation you offered is that it's just what makes the most sense.

Seriously, how? Do you think that more people will buy the DVD of a show you just yanked off your schedule to air re-reruns? Or are you just hoping that fewer people will notice that season one doesn't wrap up the story at all and that, despite everything you said about believing in this show, you have absolutely no interest in even letting Caprica end on its own terms? Here are a couple of quotes, from Ron Moore and Alessandra Torresani, just for reference:

What can we expect from the season finale?
[Ron Moore:] "A cliffhanger - multiple cliffhangers! We've just started general discussions for a second season, but we don't know if we're getting renewed yet. We know where certain stories would take us. I'm hopeful that we'll get picked up - I'm feeling good!"

In the event that you don't get renewed, will the season one finale serve well as a series finale?
"No! No - it would not be a satisfying way to end the show, I'll put it that way. It's fifty years before Battlestar, so we can't end it at any time we want. It depends how far ahead we want to jump in the story."-- Digital Spy

Since a second season is still up in the air, could these last 10 episodes wrap up the narrative on their own?
[Alessandra Torresani:] It would be really disappointing if it didn’t go to a second season. At Comic-Con, [executive producers] Ron Moore and David Eick sat us all down, and [told us] probably the most genius second-season plan I have ever heard. It would be mind-blowing to me if we didn’t get to do that, because there’s so much more to tap in. There are so many secrets that no one knows about, that only [Moore and Eick] do. I would be disappointed if we didn’t go to a second season, because the back ten explain a lot. -- EW

So, with no renewal and no episodes airing any time soon, the question is, in what universe exactly does this complete and utter show of contempt for the show, all the people involved in making it, and everyone who has stuck with it so far, make any kind of sense?

Considering the nod Caprica got on The Big Bang Theory this week, I'm betting this decision was not only sudden, but also that you have some tricks up your sleeve as plan B. Well, if that's the case, roll'em out already, and let's see what they are. If it's just more BS about listening to fans and another round of reconsidering decisions that shouldn't have been made to begin with, oh well. We can never have enough of that, can we?

And just to state the obvious here:

As someone who liked Battlestar enough to start a blog for its spinoff without even knowing who would be involved in the show, and to continue updating it despite the laughably bad campaign (Dallas in space, seriously?), I can only say that, with everything Caprica had going for it in the creative department and in the fan base department, there were only so many ways for you to fail as miserably as you have doing what should have been the equivalent of selling candy to five-year-olds.

My point here is, I was never an easy fan to lose. And yet now, other than filling out the occasional NBC consumer survey, if only to vent all the bitterness that has piled up over the last six months, watching you spread false hope, feed false information to people who have been nothing but supportive of your shows, mislead the cast, possibly the the producers too (see: season two mapped out in greater detail than BSG), and then send Caprica to get murdered against first-run network competition in a tougher slot, with a lead-in that had ratings only a tick above it (Stargate Universe), I wouldn't find time for your programming even if you brought Firefly, Terminator and Jericho back tomorrow. 

I am looking at last week's ratings for HBO's In Treatment – 0.0 in the key demo – and have yet to see a cancellation announcement. Also, the ratings for AMC's Rubicon and Terriers on FX – two shows with numbers consistently worse than Caprica's, that were/are allowed to finish their runs and have not yet been officially cancelled.

Even Fox, a network that does live or die by the C-3 ratings, that doesn't have half of its revenue coming from paying subscribers, that has at least three scripted shows that are worth my time airing every week, allowed its underperforming quality genre shows to wrap up their stories (see: Dollhouse season two, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2.5) before sending them off to Z'ha'dum.

Why am I mentioning this? Because, clearly, not every business decision in your world is about money and not every network treats its quality shows with the grace of a crack whore who will pimp her children to strangers and throw her own mother under the bus for some fast cash. Which is exactly the impression I get when I see what you have been doing to the Battlestar franchise in the last couple of years, first with your failed marketing campaign for Caprica and now with the one for Blood and Chrome. High concept space soap wasn't good, but at least the ambition behind it wasn't to reduce Battlestar's legacy to war, vipers, violence, and other commercial crap that made Spartacus: Blood and Sand a freak hit on a network that actually had the balls to air the concept first.

In considering whether or not to continue supporting the BSG franchise by moving on and trying to look forward to Blood and Chrome, I realized that, even if I do decide to check it out down the line because BSG was just that important to me, encouraging other people to get invested in anything that comes from your channel, after the experience I've had with Caprica, would just make me feel fucking corrupt. Because now, everything just boils down to helping your cheap little channel make more money off people like me to create less programming for people like me. Beyond the season 1.5 DVD, the last bit of storytelling special enough to earn a spot on my DVD shelf, I am done supporting anything you have to offer.

Which leads us to the campaigns launched over the last couple of days. (If you're a fan and asleep at this point - poke.)

First stop, Operation Airlock. I don't know who started it, but consumer activism – an organized boycott of the Syfy network and their sponsors – sounds like a fitting response to a situation that reinvents the whole concept of "unacceptable." Now, I know that there are people out there who feel that this is not a constructive response (and it absolutely isn't meant to be), but with nothing whatsoever to be constructive about at this point, might as well add some punch to that middle finger.

Why? Well, whether you are a paying subscriber, or you buy the DVDs, or you have a Nielsen box and are a pair of eyeballs that they sell back to advertisers, if you are pissed off about the cancellation and not interested in having the conversation on Syfy's terms, Operation Airlock's Facebook page is just the right place to shake that outraged consumer stick.

If, on the other hand, you feel that there is still hope that the show will get to finish its story if you present your case nicely, or you'd just rather not hurt Syfy too much before they put out Blood and Chrome or cancel the other show you're still watching on their network, there is the polite campaign, Save Caprica. There is also the petition, Caprica for Season Two. And you can email the key execs at (Syfy programming exec Mark Stern) and (Syfy president Dave Howe).

You can find some other campaigns linked at

Okay, that's it for now. The blog will return with updates of the regular variety in a few days.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Caprica officially cancelled, last five episodes to air in 2011

Some bad news and some worse news: the show has been officially cancelled and yesterday's episode is the last one we will see this year. If that's not enough, here is the punch: the season finale ends with a cliffhanger that will now stay unresolved.

Here is the statement from Syfy, via EW:

“The remaining first run episodes of Caprica – airing Tuesdays at 10/9c – will be removed from the schedule as of next Tuesday, November 2,” said the network in a statement. “These final five episodes of the season will be re-scheduled to air at a to be announced time in the first quarter of 2011, and will conclude the run of the series.”

“We appreciate all the support that fans have shown for Caprica and are very proud of the producers, cast, writers and the rest of the amazing team that has been committed to this fine series,” said Mark Stern, EVP of Original Programming at Syfy. “Unfortunately, despite its obvious quality, Caprica has not been able to build the audience necessary to justify a second season.”

Previews for Caprica 1x14, "Blowback," and Q&A with Alessandra Torresani & Sasha Roiz

Syfy has posted a bunch of new clips on the official site. Other than the teaser and two sneak peeks from Caprica 1x14, "Blowback," there is also the second part of the Q&A with Alessandra Torresani and Sasha Roiz. The videos are embedded below. The synopsis for "Blowback" at reads: "Lacy's journey to Gemenon turns into a race against the clock."

First, Chicago Now has a really great interview with Sasha Roiz that's pretty recent and has some vague spoilers for the rest of the season, as well as a few details about his episode of House. Follow the link for the whole article. Snippet (spoilers):

Is Sam going to get his hands dirty again?
His hands are always dirty. Like I said, this storyline leads up to such an amazing climax at the end of the season that I think you're going to be pretty blown away. He is definitely going to get his hands dirty. He is a bit of like a loner in many ways and it's definitely going to become very apparent. There is some stuff that he is going to decide to do and he is just going out on his own in some ways, so it's going to be very interesting.

Is he getting any new tattoos?
I don't ... wait a minute. I think there is one, yeah. I think there is a new tattoo. I totally forgot. Yeah, of course there is. Yeah, there is. There is a new tattoo coming. As he climbs the ranks of the Ha'la'tha like, there is certainly a symbolism to that. So there is definitely a new tattoo coming.

Also, the transcript of the conference call he did a few weeks back is pretty interesting to revisit after last night's episode.

More updates:

Fort McCoy, with Eric Stoltz, has won the prize for Best Feature Film at the Hollywood Film Festival. Hollywood News has the report.

Friday Night Lights, with Jeffrey Reiner, Patrick Massett and John Zinman serving as producers, returns for its fifth and final season tonight (Wednesday, Oct. 27) at 9 pm ET on DirecTV. Scott Porter will make a guest appearance in the seventh episode.

The Walking Dead, scored by Bear McCreary, kicks off this Sunday (October 31) at 10 pm on AMC.

DaemonsTV has the pictures and teaser for tomorrow's episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, with Katee Sackhoff.

And the clips. The first one is a scene from yesterday's episode, "False Labor," with Sasha Roiz, Esai Morales and Teryl Rothery. The second one is the Q&A with Alessandra and Sasha. The next two are previews of the next episode, with Magda Apanowicz, Ryan Kennedy, Ryan Robbins and some new faces. The last clip is the teaser for "Blowback," which airs next Tuesday (November 2) at 10 pm year on Syfy.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Poll: Caprica 1x13, "False Labor"

Caprica 1x13, "False Labor," airs tonight at 10 pm on Syfy. Here is the synopsis for the episode:

A conflict on Tauron spills over to Caprica, prompting Sam (Sasha Roiz) to send guns to his home world; Amanda (Paula Malcomson) infiltrates Clarice's (Polly Walker) home to find information on the STO and winds up in a clash with the head of the household; Daniel (Eric Stoltz) tries to recreate Zoe's (Alessandra Torresani) avatar and learns just how much control the Ha'la'tha have over Graystone Industries.

The teaser and three sneak peeks are still up on the official site.

Don't forget to vote for Caprica in the People's Choice poll for Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy show, and you can still write it in here: Favorite TV Drama, Favorite TV Drama Actor, Favorite TV Drama Actress, Favorite TV Obsession , Favorite TV Guest Star, and Favorite TV Family.

Polls on previous episodes in this half of the season are here: 1x10 "Unvanquished," 1x11 "Retribution," 1x12 "Things We Lock Away."

And you can rate tonight's episode, "False Labor," below:

Creators and cast discuss religion on Caprica

There is a new video up at the official site. In it, the producers and cast talk about religion on Caprica, specifically monotheism and the STO's role in it. The clip is embedded below.

Caprica 1x13, "False Labor," airs tonight at 10 pm.

Elsewhere, Wired has a great interview with Ron Moore. You can read it here: Ronald D. Moore on Why Galactica Steered Clear of ‘Technobabble,’ Aliens

SpoilerTV has the teaser for next week's episode of The Event, with Paula Malcomson, and also a brief snippet about Michael Hogan's upcoming appearance on Smallville, in episode 10x09, "Patriot."

Riese: Kingdom Falling, a new web series with a bunch of familiar faces (Ryan Robbins, Leah Gibson and Alessandro Juliani, among others) has launched today on Syfy's site. You can catch it on Syfy Rewind.

Katee Sackhoff makes her first appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this Thursday at 9 pm on CBS.

And here is the "One True God" clip, with David Eick, Jane Espenson, Jonas Pate, Polly Walker, Brian Markinson, Esai Morales and Michael Taylor:

Monday, 25 October 2010

Stills and synopses for Caprica 1x13, "False Labor"

NBC Universal has released the stills (below) for Caprica 1x13, "False Labor," which airs tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9 pm on Syfy. For more than 80 hi-res stills from the episode, head over to

Here are two synopses for tomorrow's ep (kindly raise your hand if you know who wrote the first one): 

Graystone Industries provides an opportunity to never lose a loved one thanks to breakthrough technology. Others are staring down the same path as the deceased when held at gunpoint, and even still others are doing the gun-holding against another life-force. What the frak will they do? -- DaemonsTV
Episode Synopsis: A conflict on Tauron spills over to Caprica, prompting Sam to send guns to his home world; Amanda infiltrates Clarice's home to find information on the STO and winds up in a clash with the head of the household; Daniel tries to recreate Zoe's avatar and learns just how much control the Ha'La'Tha have over Graystone Industries.
Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2010
Guest Cast: Anita Torrance: Mar-Beth -- TV Guide

Side note: From the promo, Teryl Rothery and Jorge Montesi will also appear in the episode. (So will Eric Stoltz and Esai Morales, shockingly, even if you couldn't tell from those stills.)

TV Guide also has the synopsis for next week's episode, "Blowback:"

Episode Synopsis: Lacy is sent to Gemenon to join an STO training camp, but her flight gets hijacked along the way; the Willow clan becomes suspicious of Amanda; Joseph divulges a secret about the Ha'La'Tha that has ramifications for Sam and Daniel.
Original Air Date: Nov 2, 2010
Guest Cast: Ryan Kennedy: Odin Sinclair, Brian Markinson: Jordan Duram

You can still vote for Caprica and the cast in the People's Choice Awards polls. Quick links to the key categories are here.

Other fronts:

SpoilerTV has the press release for Castle 3x08, "Murder Most Fowl," with John Pyper-Ferguson (possibly pestering Nathan Fillion). The episode airs on November 8.

Final reminders for tonight's 9 pm TV: Paula Malcomson is on The Event and Tricia Helfer is on Lie to Me.

Magda Apanowicz has written a cool article for Hollywood the Write Way.

Syfy will be auctioning one of Alessandra Torresani's dresses for charity and giving fans a chance to win a trip to the Battlestar Galactica exhibition in Seattle. See the press release for details.

Mark Verheiden has posted an update on his new project, Falling Skies, which kicks off on TNT next summer.

David Eick has talked to L.A. Times about Blood & Chrome.

James Marsters has confirmed that we haven't seen the last of him on Hawaii Five-0.

And here are those pictures from "False Labor:"

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Blood & Chrome pilot greenlit, Caprica 1.5 DVD available on Amazon

Mo Ryan at posted the news earlier today about the pilot for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (Spartactica for short) getting the green light. The press release is at the end of the post. Here is the part that concerns Caprica's future, from Mark Stern:

"To be really categorical about it, this is not about finding something else so we can get rid of 'Caprica," Stern said. "I don't know the fate of 'Caprica' yet, but, if anything, 'Blood & Chrome' going to series would only be a great opportunity to pair it with something.'

And we'll find out exactly what the new round of conceptual ping-pong with the Battlestar verse means for Caprica by November 15. If someone bothers to mention it, that is.

Interestingly, reports that the Caprica Season 1.5 DVD can already be pre-ordered on Amazon. With six episodes left to air, no, the DVD details haven't been released yet.

In other news, a Battlestar Galactica exhibition opened this weekend at the Sci Fi Museum in Seattle. has a cool video about the building being gutted to get the vipers and raider inside, and there is a short clip from the BSG Media Panel on YouTube.

Cast & crew updates: 

Esai Morales has joined the cast of Lives of the Saints, an ensemble drama that "tells the intertwining stories of a group of Angelenos seeking redemption for past mistakes, only to find that forgiveness comes from unlikely places." They start filming on November 13 in Los Angeles.

Fort McCoy, with Eric Stoltz, will be screened at the Hollywood Film Festival this weekend. 

Hiro Kanagawa is doing another play in Vancouver, this time with Battlestar's Alessandro Juliani.

Peter Wingfield has told his fans that he will guest star on an upcoming episode of CSI: Miami.

Two guest appearances to check out on Monday at 9 pm: Paula Malcomson is on The Event (NBC) and Tricia Helfer on Lie to Me (Fox).

Jorge Montesi is on Outlaw tomorrow (Saturday, 8 pm, NBC).

Patton Oswalt is developing a new sitcom for Fox.  

SpoilerTV has a teaser for next week's episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, with Katee Sackhoff. A week after that (Thursday, Nov. 4), Brian Markinson guest stars on the show.

Hawaii Five-0, with Grace Park and not-so-dead James Marsters possibly coming back, has been picked up for a full season.

Kevin Murphy's Hellcats will be getting the back nine episodes too.

The Age has a report from Jane Espenson's recent visit to Australia that has some interesting bits about Bob Harris' Beyond Caprica guide.

And here is the press release for Blood & Chrome (bolding some parts in case anyone wants to cross-reference them in the Battlestar timeline):

Syfy is readying an exciting all-new chapter in the Battlestar Galactica saga with a greenlight for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome from Executive Producer David Eick, it was announced today by Mark Stern, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, Syfy and Co-Head of Content for Universal Cable Productions. Universal Cable Productions will produce the 2-hour pilot with Syfy utilizing cutting edge CGI and virtual technology.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome takes place in the 10th year of the first Cylon war. As the battle between humans and their creation, a sentient robotic race, rages across the 12 colonial worlds, a brash rookie viper pilot enters the fray. Ensign William Adama, barely in his 20s and a recent Academy graduate, finds himself assigned to the newest battlestar in the Colonial fleet… the Galactica. The talented but hot-headed risk-taker soon finds himself leading a dangerous top secret mission that, if successful, will turn the tide of the decade long war in favor of the desperate fleet.

“The ‘Galactica’ universe as re-imagined by Ron Moore and David Eick is rich with possibilities and backstory,” said Mark Stern. “We jumped at the chance to revisit the William Adama character and explore this exciting chapter in the BSG narrative which falls between the events of the original series and the prequel, ‘Caprica,’ currently airing on Syfy.”

“While maintaining the themes of politics, social propaganda, and the timeless question: what does it mean to be human? – ‘Blood & Chrome’ will also return us to the authentic, relentless depiction of combat and the agony and ecstasy of human-Cylon war, which was the hallmark of ‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ early seasons,” said David Eick.

Michael Taylor wrote the teleplay from a story by Eick, Taylor and Bradley Thompson & David Weddle.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Previews for Caprica 1x13, "False Labor"

Syfy has posted three preview clips and a teaser for episode 1x13, "False Labor," which airs next Tuesday at 10 pm. Still no podcast for yesterday's episode or the one from last week, but you can keep checking here. The sneak peek clips are embedded below.

Here is the synopsis for "False Labor" from the official site:

Political trouble on Tauron causes Sam to put his own life in danger.

Elsewhere, has posted a video chat with Ryan Robbins. He mostly talks about Sanctuary, but there are some interesting bits about Caprica and the characters he played on Battlestar Galactica. As it turns out, there was one we didn't get to see (Head Baltar).

Paula Malcomson won't only appear in episode 1x06 of The Event, but also episode 1x07, "I Know Who You Are." SpoilerTV has the synopsis

Bear McCreary's Human Target CD went on sale yesterday. He also tweeted that a Battlestar piano book definitely might be on the way.

Richard Harmon has either a regular or recurring role in Tower Prep, a show that premiered on the Cartoon Network yesterday.

Finally, here are the clips, with Eric Stoltz, Sasha Roiz, some unfamiliar faces, and a big frakking robot:

Poll: Caprica 1x12, "Things We Lock Away"

Caprica 1x12, "Things We Lock Away," airs tonight (Tuesday) at 10 pm on Syfy. Here is the synopsis:

In New Cap City, Tamara (Genevieve Buechner) tries to settle a score with Zoe (Alessandra Torresani); Daniel (Eric Stoltz) regains his company with unforeseen consequences; Clarice (Polly Walker) tries to break Lacy (Magda Apanowicz).

You can watch the previews on Syfy's site.

The episode was written by Drew Z. Greenberg (@DrewZachary on Twitter), who is also working on Warehouse 13 these days, and directed by Tim Hunter. If Hunter's name rings a bell, it's because he has a pretty frakking impressive list of credits to his name, including River's Edge and episodes of Twin Peaks, Homicide: Life on the Street, Carnivàle, Deadwood, Mad Men, and Dexter.

The polls on previous Caprica 1.5 episodes, 1x10, "Unvanquished," and 1x11, "Retribution," are still open. (Follow the links to vote.)

And you can rate tonight's episode, "Things We Lock Away," here:

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Vote for Caprica at the People's Choice Awards

Voting for the final nominees for the 2011 People's Choice Awards has started and Caprica is one of the contenders for the Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy Show. (Follow the link to vote.) You can vote as many times as you like and write-in votes count too. Here are the categories for possible write-ins:

Favorite TV Drama
Favorite TV Drama Actor
Favorite TV Drama Actress
Favorite TV Obsession
Favorite TV Guest Star
Favorite TV Family

And if you wanna go crazy, there is also:
Favorite TV Doctor

You can also tweet your votes this year and tell your followers to do the same (retweets count too). For the instructions and list of hashtags for specific categories, go to People's Choice site.

NBC hasn't released any promotional stills at the Media Village this week, so here is just a quick round of cast updates before tonight's episode airs ("Things We Lock Away," 10 pm, Syfy):

Sasha Roiz tweeted that he is working on an independent film called Extracted.

Paula Malcomson will appear on The Event next Monday, in episode 1x06, "Loyalty," directed by Jonas Pate. SpoilerTV has the promo.

A short clip from behind the scenes of last week's Glee, directed by Eric Stoltz, showed up on YouTube a few days ago.

Brian Markinson will guest star on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in episode 11x07, "Bump and Grind," which airs on Thursday, November 4. The episode was directed by Michael Nankin.

Magda Apanowicz tweeted that her episode of Hellcats airs in three weeks.

John Pyper-Ferguson has two other movies coming out next week (at least in Canada, according to and the IMDb). One is the thriller Die, with Elias Koteas also starring. You can find more details at Dread Central. The other is this year's TIFF opener Score: A Hockey Musical. And you can still see him in Conviction, which was out last weekend. That's three down, one (A Night for Dying Tigers) to go.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Synopsis for Caprica 1x12, "Things We Lock Away"

TV Guide has the synopsis for Caprica 1x12, "Things We Lock Away," which airs on Tuesday, October 19 at 10 pm on Syfy:

In New Cap City, Tamara tries to settle a score with Zoe; Daniel regains his company with unforeseen consequences; Clarice tries to break Lacy.

GateWorld has made an interesting observation about Syfy's Tuesday scheduling earlier. Starting this week, Stargate Universe won't have re-runs of previous week's episodes leading into new ones anymore. Report:

The cable network will air fan-favorite, two-part episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation Tuesdays at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., starting October 19, according to Syfy’s online schedule. This will lead into its primetime line-up of new episodes of Syfy’s original dramas Stargate Universe (9 p.m.) and Caprica (10 p.m.).

Some cast & crew updates:

Eric Stoltz is definitely working on Off the Map. He posted a picture from the set yesterday. (Maybe this week someone can crash the Internet with old footage from St. Elsewhere?)

King of the Avenue, with Esai Morales playing the devil, is out on DVD on October 26.

Manson, My Name Is Evil, with Ryan Robbins playing Charles Manson, was out on DVD last week.

Conviction, with John Pyper-Ferguson and starring Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell, is out in theatres this weekend.

Jorge Montesi will make an appearance on Outlaw next week. The episode airs on Saturday at 8 pm on NBC.

Bear McCreary's new show, The Walking Dead, will premiere in 120 countries within the same week of its U.S. premiere. Zombies take on pirates.

And there was an interesting rumour reported by THR this week that David Eick might be involved in ABC's Incredible Hulk series, which is still in early stages of development.

This week's guest appearances available online:

Edward James Olmos on CSI: NYCBS
Ryan Kennedy and Aaron Douglas on HellcatsCWTV

Friday, 15 October 2010

New clip from "Things We Lock Away" and Syfy Press Tour video

Airlock Alpha has posted a new video from Caprica 1x12, "Things We Lock Away," which airs next Tuesday at 10 pm. He also tweeted that the episode was written by Drew Z. Greenberg and directed by Tim Hunter.

DaemonsTV has a video (embedded below) of the Caprica panel at the Syfy Digital Press Tour, with Ron Moore, David Eick and Mark Stern. Follow the link for the transcript.

A few reminders. On Friday, James Marsters guests on the 200th episode of Smallville at 8 pm (CW), Edward James Olmos is on CSI: NY at 9 pm (CBS), and Sanctuary, with Ryan Robbins, returns at 10 pm (Syfy). Polly Walker and Peter Wingfield will guest star on the show later this season. SpoilerTV has a feature on Smallville and a new preview of CSI: NY, and DaemonsTV has the release for the Sanctuary premiere.

There are a couple of other Battlestar guest appearances to keep an eye out for this month. After The Big Bang Theory tonight, Katee Sackhoff will guest star on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on October 28 and Tricia Helfer will make an appearance on Lie to Me on October 25.

Here is the Caprica preview, with Magda Apanowicz and Polly Walker:

And the Syfy Digital Press Tour video:

Ronald D. Moore and David Eick talk Caprica (Syfy Press Tour) from Daemons Media Inc. on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Previews for Caprica 1x12, "Things We Lock Away"

Syfy has posted the teaser and two previews for episode 1x12, "Things We Lock Away," which airs next Tuesday at 10 pm on Syfy. You can watch yesterday's episode, "Retribution," on Syfy Rewind or Hulu. The podcast hasn't been posted yet, but will probably show up by the end of the day here, with commentary from Magda Apanowicz and Tom Lieber. Not to forget, last night's episode of Glee is also available on Hulu.

The four new clips below are a scene from "Retribution" with Magda Apanowicz and James Marsters, the teaser for "Things We Lock Away," and two sneak previews of the episode. One is a scene with Alessandra Torresani in New Cap City and the other one has Eric Stoltz and John Pyper-Ferguson discussing some finer aspects of a massive plot point that happens in the next episode. Be careful with the second clip, it contains at least one major spoiler.

And you can still rate "Retribution" here.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Global Defense video and poll on Caprica 1x11, "Retribution"

Caprica 1x11, "Retribution," airs tonight at 10 pm on Syfy. Here is the synopsis:

Lacy (Magda Apanowicz) botches an operation launched by Barnabas (James Marsters), and the Adama brothers (Esai Morales & Sasha Roiz) begin a campaign of coercion against Daniel's (Eric Stoltz) former colleagues while Amanda (Paula Malcomson) tries to cope with her losses.

If you didn't see last week's episode, "Unvanquished," you can catch up on Syfy Rewind.

Syfy has released a new behind-the-scenes clip with Brian Markinson, Peter Wingfield and Polly Walker talking about the role of the Global Defense Department (GDD) on the show. The video is embedded below.

On the off chance you missed it everywhere else, Universal has finally released the first footage of Eric Stoltz in the first Back to the Future film. You can see it at Also, final reminder: Glee 2x04, "Duets," airs tonight at 8 pm on Fox. Show Patrol has some new previews.

SpoilerTV has a behind-the-scenes clip with Edward James Olmos on the set of CSI: NY here. His episode airs this Friday.

The Global Defense clip:

And you can rate "Retribution" below:

Caprica 1x11, "Retribution:" First review and promotional pictures

The first review of Caprica 1x11, "Retribution," which airs on Tuesday (Oct. 12) at 10 pm on Syfy, is up at The Trades. A few snippets are below and you can follow the link for the full review (with spoilers).

Strong stuff as usual from this series, highlighted by some particularly good performances from Magda Apanowicz (as Lacy), Eric Stoltz (as Daniel) and Polly Walker (as Clarice). I particularly enjoyed the interplay that Daniel has with the Adamas, and Lacy trying to come to grips with what she's doing out of friendship for Zoe. (...)

Still, this is strong work and certainly not falling to any sort of traditional convention for a science fiction TV series. I can even forgive the time jumps here, as they're a small part of this episode and nothing anywhere near as annoying as, say, how it's done on another NBC/Universal property like the new series The Event (which in itself is such a mishmash of ideas from other shows, without anything to give it any real distinction.

Here is the official synopsis for "Retribution:"

As missions are carried out, questions and guns are raised in the struggle to carry out the task at hand.

Other fronts:

If you didn't watch last week's Fringe, Kacey Rohl, whom you saw (not) blow up the Atlas Arena in "Unvanquished," did the mandatory Caprica cameo of the week. You can watch the episode on Hulu.

"The Science of Battlestar Galactica" by Patrick Di Justo and Kevin Grazier had a presentation at the New York Comic Con. You can read about it at  Snippet:

At the end of the fourth and final season of the 2004-2009 Syfy Network series, it was revealed that humans on Earth today are the descendants of an ancient race of human ancestors and artificial beings called Cylons, according to the show's mythology. For those who were looking, there were clues planted all along that this was the case, said Patrick Di Justo, author of a new book, "The Science of Battlestar Galactica."

"We had the story in the second season and pretty much no one put it together, but the clues were all there," Di Justo said.

DaemonsTV has the press release and preview for Glee 2x04, "Duets," directed by Eric Stoltz, which airs this Tuesday at 8 pm on Fox.

You can still catch Scott Porter on The Good Wife and Paula Malcomson on Sons of Anarchy in a re-run.

SpoilerTV has a 17 minute video featurette on the making of The Walking Dead, Bear McCreary's new show that premieres on AMC at the end of the month.

SciFi Talk has uploaded an audio clip that has interviews with David Eick, Ron Moore, Sasha Roiz, and James Marsters from the San Diego Comic Con. If you haven't read the report from NiceGirlsTV that was posted last month, you will want to check it out. It contains some major spoilers for the rest of the season.

More pictures from "Retribution" (click to enlarge):

Monday, 11 October 2010

Syfy Digital Press Tour report: Moore & Eick on Caprica 1.5

Ron Moore and David Eick attended the Syfy Digital Press Tour in Orlando earlier today and the first reports are in. There is still no word on whether Caprica will get a second season, but Ron Moore is still confident that it will, and Syfy's Mark Stern says that the decision will be made by November 15.

Snippets below are from Zap2It:

In the second half, we'll see more momentum and focus on certain storylines. There will be more tie-ins with the "Battlestar Galactica" mythology. Eick says this is when they're "unapologetically" connecting to its origins instead of trying to establish its own identity. So more "BSG" tone, suspense, action, etc.
Moore says that they have a creative road map for the second season, should they be picked up. It's a fairly detailed plan with several points out on the horizon. So creatively they're ready to go, but just waiting for the green light. It'll almost feel like a fresh start, so you won't be bogged down with the mythology, launching that AI or sentience, from Season 1.

Continuity isn't too difficult because much of the story was created while "BSG" was still going on. "Caprica" pretty much has its own stand-alone mythology. During "BSG's" fourth season, they tried to not mention the origins of Cylons that much in order to give more freedom to the "Caprica" story. In fact, they had to cut a line from Adama who refers to his father.

And there is a short clip from the panel, uploaded by ash0283 here.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Synopsis for Caprica 1x11, "Retribution," and some cast updates

Here is the synopsis for "Retribution," which airs this Tuesday at 10 on Syfy:

Lacy botches an operation launched by Barnabas, and the Adama brothers begin a campaign of coercion against Daniel's former colleagues while Amanda tries to cope with her losses. - TV Guide
The episode was written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman and directed by Jonas Pate.

Ron Moore, David Eick and Syfy's Mark Stern will be at the Syfy Digital Press Tour this weekend. You can find more details about the panels at Airlock Alpha and follow Michael Hinman on Twitter for updates in real time.

A round of cast updates:

SpoilerTV has a teaser for Glee 2x04, "Duets," directed by Eric Stoltz, which airs this Tuesday at 8 pm on Fox. If you want to hear the songs from the episode, they have them too - here. And file this under "rumour" for now, but daddy Graystone has been spotted around the set of Off the Map, Shonda Rhimes' new show currently filming in Hawaii, so possibly another directing gig to look forward to in the not-so-distant future (mid-season).

TheTVEvent has more details about Paula Malcomson's appearance in The Event 1x06, "Loyalty." The episode was directed by Jonas Pate and will air on Monday, October 25 at 9 pm on NBC.

John Pyper-Ferguson will appear on Castle, episode 3x08, "Murder Most Fowl," which airs on Monday, November 8.

Sanctuary, with Ryan Robbins, returns for a third season this Friday (Oct. 15) at 10 on Syfy. SpoilerTV has a clip from the season premiere.

James Marsters was at the New York Comic Con this week. You can find some clips from the panel at Buffyfest. Among other things, he talked about his character on Hawaii Five-0, Brainiac 5 on Smallville, and whether or not he will be back on Torchwood. He also gave away a few details about his character in Three Inches in this clip. His episode of Smallville also airs this Friday (Oct. 15) at 8 pm on the CW network. SpoilerTV has a preview and the teaser.

Also airing on Friday (at 9 pm) is CSI: NY 7x04, "Sangre por Sangre," with Battlestar's Edward James Olmos. The teaser is here.

Katee Sackhoff will make an appearance on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on Thursday, October 28 at 9 pm in episode 11x06, Cold Blooded. She posted a picture from the set on Twitter the other day. :)

Patton Oswalt guest stars on Bored to Death tomorrow (Sunday at 10 pm on HBO). You can see a sneak peek here. You can also watch last week's episode of Community, in which he appeared as Jackie (male nurse) on Hulu.

If you didn't see the last episode of Hellcats, Aaron Douglas was back this week. You can catch it on Hulu (as soon as they upload it). It's episode 1x05, "The Prisoner's Song."

More updates hopefully coming before Tuesday.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New video blog and previews for Caprica 1x11, "Retribution"

Syfy has posted five new clips on the official site. One is a scene from last night episode, "Unvanquished," with Eric Stoltz, Esai Morales and Sasha Roiz. The second is a video blog called "Caprican Evolution." In it, Caprica writers and producers David Eick, Jane Espenson, Clara George, Michael Taylor, Ron Moore and visual effects supervisor Gary Hutzel discuss the worldbuilding aspects of the show (with special emphasis on Tauron culture) and working with the U-87. The next two clips are sneak peeks from episode 1x11, "Retribution," both involving Lacy (Magda Apanowicz) and her dealings with the STO. From the looks of it, Barnabas (James Marsters) will be back in next week's episode. The last clip is the teaser for "Retribution." The clips are embedded below.

The podcast for "Unvanquished," with David Eick, Eric Stoltz and Tom Lieber, has been posted. You can find it here, as usual.

Alessandra Torresani was on Attack of the Show yesterday. You can see the clip here.

Bear McCreary has a new post up about the music in "Unvanquished." You can read it here: Caprica: Season 1.5.

Patton Oswalt confirmed that he will make an appearance on Community tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 7 at 8 pm on NBC) and said that his episode of Bored to Death airs this Sunday (Oct. 10 at 10 on HBO).

The clips:

Poll: Caprica 1x10, "Unvanquished"

If anyone is still looking for a place to crash and discuss tonight's episode, the comments section is all yours!


As the scheming Sister Clarice, pitching a vision of virtual resurrection to her monotheistic acolytes on Gemenon, Polly Walker upstages the brooding male anti-heroes (Eric Stoltz, Esai Morales) as this dense Battlestar Galactica prequel returns to finish up its first season. This sci-fi parable, located at a deadly crossroads of politics, religion and futuristic technology, is for hardcore genre fans, a lot darker and heavier than the Syfy norm these days. -- from Matt Roush

You can rate the episode here:

And since there haven't been any polls around here until now, here is another one:

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Caprica returns tonight: Cast interviews, videos and updates

A final round of updates before the show returns tonight at 10 on Syfy:

Magda Apanowicz will be doing a live chat at Syfy Connect tonight at 8:45 pm EDT. [Update: The chat has been cancelled.]

Caprica's science advisor Malcolm MacIver has an excellent new post at Discover Magazine: Caprica Puzzle: If a Digital You Lives Forever, Are You Immortal?

Eric Stoltz has posted a few more pictures from the set of "Unvanquished" here. His episode of Glee airs next Tuesday at 8 pm on Fox.

Los Angeles Times has a short interview with Polly Walker here. Snippet:

"I'm not a technical person ... I do well to send an e-mail. But it is interesting that I play a character who wants to create a digital heaven."

Walker, who does believe in God but is not a "particularly religious person," didn't do any specific research for the role.

"Like any actor, I just translated what was put in front of me," said the actress.

Walker also tells us that for this second half of the season, "fans are definitely going to see the action quotient go up. Characters are more active, and Clarice graduates beyond the school."

She will also guest star on Sanctuary this fall.

Paula Malcomson, still a regular on Sons of Anarchy, will make an appearance in The Event, episode 1x06, "Loyalty."

Ausiello at EW says that Ron Moore has a new project in the works, a remake of the ’60s classic The Wild Wild West.

Battlestar's Aaron Douglas tweeted that he starts filming an episode of Eureka tomorrow.

Magda Apanowicz will play Ashley Tisdale's rival on Hellcats later this season. She mentioned it in an interview with

Magda also talked to TV Squad in recent days. The interview is here. Snippet:

They have a life-sized Cylon on the 'Caprica' set. They didn't have one for 'BSG.' Apparently they'd talked about it for so long, but supposedly it's really expensive to create, so they couldn't do it. I think it's so crucial – I can't believe they went so long without one. There are so many scenes when Eric [Stoltz], Paula [Malcolmson] and Polly [Walker] and I were all talking to the Cylons, and you need something there.

Like the infamous tennis ball on a stick?

Yep, we have one of those. There are many times when – sorry if I'm ruining anything for your readers – but I've been in a room before where they literally had a whole bunch of poles that are supposed to symbolize Cylons. That's where imagination comes in, but I find it easy to get lost in the 'Caprica' world, so it's not that big a problem for me. So there's the pole Cylon, the real Cylon, and then there's the cut-out Cylon.

Which do you use?

I usually have the pole. We drew straws and I lost. Eric gets the cut-out. (...)

As a viewer, I felt badly for Lacy, but also wanted to give her a shake. She just seems so meek.
Again, I don't want to ruin anything, but in this second half of the season there is some serious growth of character. Lacy goes on a journey, and she's constantly thrown into these absolutely awful situations and decisions. It's really cool where she goes, and I'm really satisfied... the finale is amazing.

Syfy has posted a fan Q&A with Alessandra Torresani and Sasha Roiz:

Wired has a new bonus clip from the Caprica Season 1.0 DVD, "Making Caprica’s Gritty New Cap City" here.

Serge Graystone is tweeting again.

And The Caprican has an article with a major spoiler for tonight's episode here.

More updates on Twitter as they come. If you haven't signed up there yet, this would be a really good time. ;)

Monday, 4 October 2010

Caprica is back tomorrow (Tuesday at 10 pm on Syfy)

With Caprica season 1.5 premiering tomorrow, there's been a bunch of updates over the last couple of days. In random order:

Episode 1x10, "Unvanquished," was screened yesterday at the Globe Theatre at Universal Studios, with Alessandra Torresani, Esai Morales, Sasha Roiz and executive producers Ron Moore, David Eick, Jane Espenson and Kevin Murphy in attendance. There is a short clip from the event on YouTube and Caprica Hub has a fan report. If you don't understand what is being said in the clip, let The Wall Street Journal explain it to you: Syfy Relies on Social Media for "Caprica" Screening Event.

Caprica Season 1.0 is out on DVD tomorrow. The DVD is currently at #3 on Amazon's list of Bestsellers in Science Fiction and Fantasy. has posted new interviews (including video clips) with Alessandra Torresani, Sasha Roiz and Magda Apanowicz. Check them out here: Caprica's stars talk gay gangsters, robot love stories and New Cap City nights!

SpoilerTV has posted a transcript (embedded below) of the conference call Sasha Roiz did with the press the other day. Tons of interesting stuff inside, including some new spoilers for the rest of the season.

Caprica - Q&A transcript with Sasha Roiz -

Other updates:

  • SpoilerTV also has song previews for Glee 2x04, "Duets," directed by Eric Stoltz, which airs next Tuesday (October 12) at 8 pm on Fox. If you're not on Twitter, he posted a new pic from the set yesterday. Also, before I forget: if you're in or near Indianapolis, you can catch a screening of Fort McCoy at the Heartland Film Festival later this month. You can find the schedule here.
  • Patton Oswalt mentioned doing ADR for this Thursday's episode of Community. The show airs at 8 pm on NBC.
  • Sasha Roiz posted a picture from the set of House.
  • Bear McCreary did an interview for The Walking Dead podcast. If you're a fan of the comic book, you'll definitely wanna hear it. The show kicks off on October 31 on AMC.
  • Airlock Alpha has an article about possible time jumps in Caprica's storyline which is pretty interesting now that the show is returning.
  • Battlestar Blog has discovered a behind-the-scenes photo from episode 1x15, "The Dirteaters," with Aleks Paunovic, Alison Araya and the kids playing the young Joseph and Sam Adama.

Finally, you can catch up with episodes of other shows in which the cast guest starred this week:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 11x02, "Pool Shark," with Sasha Roiz - CBS
Hellcats 1x04, "Nobody Loves Me but My Mother," with Teryl Rothery and Ryan Kennedy - CWTV
Fringe 3x02, "The Box," with Hiro Kanagawa - Hulu
The Good Wife 2x01, "Taking Control," with Scott Porter - CBS

More updates tomorrow, before the show returns.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Caprica executive producers on where the show is headed

Syfy has posted a new exclusive clip (embedded below) from the Caprica Season 1.0 DVD. In it, executive producers Jane Espenson, Kevin Murphy and David Eick talk about where the show is headed in the second half of the season. It’s a short clip, but it might bring up some of the old controversies from the Battlestar Galactica series finale. There is also a brief glimpse of Sam and Tamara Adama in V world in one of the upcoming episodes.

Make sure you also check out the new behind the scenes clip at

On other fronts, Alessandra Torresani tweeted that she will be on Attack of the Show on October 5, Sasha Roiz is doing a conference call with the press today, and Starry Mag is talking to Magda Apanowicz.

Other cast updates:

  • Hollywood Life has a bunch of pics of Eric Stoltz on the set of Glee and PDN Pulse has an article about Untitled, the short film he did last year that's part of MoMA's New Photography exhibition.
  • King of the Avenue, with Esai Morales, will be out on DVD on October 26, and Cherry is getting screened at a bunch of festivals this month. You can find the schedule on Facebook.
  • A Night for Dying Tigers, with Leah Gibson and John Pyper-Ferguson, will be screened at the Vancouver Film Festival. You can find the details here. Conviction, also with Pyper-Ferguson, will get a limited release on October 15.
  • Patton Oswalt will guest star on Bored to Death again one of these Sundays. He was also cast in Jason Reitman's Young Adult earlier this week.
  • SpoilerTV has the first pics of James Marsters in Smallville 10x04 here. Battlestar's Michael Hogan will also guest star in at least two episodes of the show later this season.
  • The season premiere of Human Target (with Tahmoh Penikett and Jorge Montesi guest starring in episodes 2x01 and 2x04 resp.) has been pushed back to November 17.
  • The final season of Friday Night Lights, exec produced by Jeffrey Reiner, with Scott Porter returning in episode 7, will premiere on October 27 on DirecTV.
  • The Walking Dead, scored by Bear McCreary, will premiere on Sunday, October 31.

The "Where We're Headed" clip:

First review of Unvanquished, more DVD clips & some new spoilers

The first review of the mid-season premiere comes from York Dispatch and is pretty positive on the whole, with the exception of one particular storyline. Here is a snippet (spoilers):

You'll learn exactly what happened to Amanda, Zoe and Sister Clarice, who narrowly avoided a car-bombing orchestrated by a rival terror cell, and you'll see how Daniel plans to take his company back. As narrative momentum goes, there's just enough red meat here.

The episode is also a visual showcase, proving conclusively that you don't need to set your science-fiction series in outer space to conjure some striking images. The dazzling neons and art-deco skyscrapers of Caprica City (capital of the planet Caprica) are as impressive as they've ever been, but "Unvanquished" also takes us to the planet Gemenon, the spiritual hub of this particular universe. Though its computer-generated cathedrals and moonscapes are glaringly artificial, they're no less pretty for it. (...)

Even with its blemishes, "Caprica" is bold, uncompromising storytelling, and it's the only show of its kind on TV. If you're a devoted fan counting down the hours to Tuesday's premiere, you'll be sated. If you've never seen an episode, don't start here. -- York Dispatch

If you need to catch up, Syfy will air the first nine episodes on Tuesday, starting with the pilot at 10 am. "Unvanquished" airs at 10 pm, after a Stargate Universe block.

Note: Stargate didn't do very well in the ratings this week. It held the 18-49 demo from the season one finale (0.5), but hit a series low in total viewers (1.175 million). To compare the numbers to those pulled in by Warehouse 13 in the same slot last week, go to the Mediaweek forums.

Back to Caprica. Three new clips from the season 1.0 DVD surfaced today. One is an interview with Ron Moore and VFX supervisor Gary Hutzel about the effects that went into the creation of the first Cylon. The clip is at

The second clip is at In it, Ron Moore talks about the STO, Zoe's original plan for the avatar, and what we can expect to see in the second half of the season.

The third clip is about the cast and how they landed their roles on the show. You can watch it at The clip has interviews with David Eick, Eric Stoltz, Paula Malcomson, Polly Walker, Alessandra Torresani, Sasha Roiz, Esai Morales, Jane Espenson and Ron Moore.

TV Guide has a short synopsis of the next episode:

Clarice visits Gemenon to pitch a terrorist attack to the STO leadership, while Daniel has a meeting with the Ha'La'Tha, where he seeks support for creating a virtual afterlife.

And last but not least, The Caprican has a new article about Graystone that sheds some light on his situation in episode 1x10. Which is now only four days away.