Friday, 10 September 2010

New promos for Caprica 1.5

Syfy has released several new clips today. Three of them - "New Revelations," "Rebirth" and "Cylons" - are teasers for the rest of the season, and "The Choice" is a season 1.0 catch-the-frak-up type cheat sheet with cast interviews:


Anonymous said...

For anyone doubtful of what they saw in the first half season, Ron Moore seems to have grown more involved in this latter half in carrying through his vision of challenging political commentary and powerful drama of which we got a taste in the pilot. Indeed, all involved feel the show gets far better. So, please give it a chance.

However, I want to urge all fans to HELP RENEW THE SHOW BY WATCHING IT LIVE. We can't afford illegal downloads or DVRing, barring a medical or work-related emergency. Also, BUYING THE SEASON 1.0 DVD will help. BSG was ended early because too many fans refused to watch it live and it was such a tragedy.

It's our chance to save the show so that the decision in November is to get a 2nd season rather than a cancellation. Let's do it, my babies!

Anonymous said...

it's pretty hard to watch live if you're not in north america.

and, i'm pretty sure most of the downloads come from other countries that have tv networks that just don't have the budget to show it on free to air, and the cable networks won't take them until way later which makes the whole point moot.

NA watchers, do it live if you can. There are a lot more viewers outside of you're area, so if it's successful there it'll be successful here. e.g. the buffy effect before p2p was popular.