Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New clip from Unvanquished, Cylon news, and Caprica screening alert

Jane Espenson posted this on her blog earlier today:

Return of the Cylons: The Caprica Season 1.5 Premiere Fan Event!

Join CAPRICA stars Esai Morales, Alessandra Torresani, Sasha Roiz, and executive producers Ronald D. Moore, David Eick, Jane Espenson and Kevin Murphy for the Caprica season 1.5 premiere!

500 dedicated fans will have an exclusive opportunity to be the very first to see CAPRICA's return at a free private screening with the cast and producers on Sunday, October 3 at the Globe Theatre at Universal Studios Hollywood! Gates open at 6:30 PM and the cast and producers will kick off and close the event.

To get your ticket for this exciting celebration of CAPRICA'S return, please send your name, e-mail address, & # of tickets (max of 6 per person) to

A few TV reminders:

  • Teryl Rothery and Ryan Kennedy guest star on Hellcats tonight at 9 pm on the CW network
  • Sasha Roiz, who is still filming an episode of House, will appear on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tomorrow at 10 pm (CBS)
  • You can also catch Hiro Kanagawa on Fringe tomorrow at 10 pm (Fox)
  • Keep an eye on Aleks Paunovic - he's been tweeting pictures from the set of Supernatural

Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly has some interesting new tidbits from David Eick about Cylon activity in season 1.5. You can read the article at Spoilers below.

“Daniel Graystone’s creation—the early-model Cylon known as the U-87—emerges as a critical story point,” reveals Eick. “Due to the bad PR Daniel has endured since his prized creation, the Holoban, [was blamed for] the emergence of terrorist cells on Caprica, Daniel shifts his company’s focus to the perfection of artificial intelligence and its proliferation throughout the culture as the ultimate “helper”: Never gets tired. Never asks for a raise. Never quits on the job.
“Meanwhile,” Eick continues, “Joseph Adama and his brother Sam—using their organized crime muscle to seize control of Daniel’s company—see an altogether different purpose for the U-87′s: to sell to the highest bidder, no matter how violent their agenda might be.”

And Syfy has posted a new clip from episode 1x10, "Unvanquished," with James Marsters, Magda Apanowicz and Liam Sproule. "Unvanquished" airs next Tuesday at 10.

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