Friday, 6 August 2010

Possible DVD release date for Caprica Season 1.0 & Season 2.0 update (sort of)

This just in, from TVShowsonDVD (hit the link to see the DVD menu screens):

Late this afternoon we received word from a reliable industry contact about the release date and cost for this title. It should only be considered a rumor for now, because it's not confirmed through the studio at this time. But our source has proven accurate enough in the past that we feel good about passing along the "gossip" that Caprica - Season 1.0 will be available on October 5th, at a cost of $49.98 SRP in the USA and CA$57.99 SRP in Canada. Only a DVD version was indicated; there wasn't any Blu-ray talk.

Last (and only) word on the Season 1.0 DVD came in July, when posted that it would be released in region 2 on October 11. Whether or not the date for region 1 changes this, at least we have a rough date. None of this is coming directly from Syfy or NBC, mind you, so stay tuned for the confirmation and details.

Also, if you didn't catch the interview with David Eick posted by MediaBlvd earlier this week, he said we would hear about season two "by August 15 or before." So yeah, countdown.

The reason why I'm even bringing up anything that's not definite news about renewal or cancellation at this point (blame it on severe rumour burnout), is that I won't be around to post any timely updates for the next two or three weeks. I know, spectacularly bad timing, but it is what it is and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. For real time updates, I warmly recommend doing a Twitter search every once in a while. If there is news, someone will tweet it. You can also follow the cast members (accounts linked in the sidebar) or add their tweets to your feed reader. Esai Morales joined just the other day.

And speaking of, Destiny Radio Network posted a really great interview with him yesterday, taped at the London Expo back in May.

Last but not least, Bob Harris' "Beyond Caprica: A Visitor's Pocket Guide to the Twelve Colonies" is available at the NBC store. Check it out if you haven't and see you in a few weeks (or hopefully sooner).

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