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Caprica at Comic Con - panel reports & interview with Alessandra Torresani

Caprica had a panel at Comic Con earlier today and, even though there aren't any videos online yet, a bunch of people tweeted updates throughout the hour (you can go through my Twitter feed to see what was said & some pics people took). At the panel were Ron Moore, David Eick, Alessandra Torresani, Sasha Roiz, Magda Apanowicz and James Marsters.

Key points (from Twitter):

  • Is #Caprica coming back? "I firmly believe" Caprica will get a second season, Ron Moore says. Says second half of S1 (Jan) "hits its stride" - Mo Ryan
  • They're in the last stretch of wokring out the show's return for a seond season with SyFy. Budgets and schedules depending. - TV Guide Magazine
  • RDM says what BSG & Caprica have in common: They're both about the question, "What is it to be human?" Caprica is the start of that conversation - Mo Ryan
  • Caprica's endgame? "We have to get into a 2nd season and see what the natural place to end the story is." - TV Guide Magazine
  • Magda goes through a huge "evolution" in part 2 of the season, and even more in the yet-to-be-approved season 2. - TV Guide Magazine
  • Alessandra Torresani says that by the end of S. 1, the girls kick ass, as you won't expect what happens. - HitFixDaniel
  • Leather and Stilletto Heels for Zoe Graystone... not to mention "less clothes" in the character. - Wormhole Riders
  • Question: Will we see more of Genevieve Buechner (Tamara Adama)??? YES - Wormhole Riders
  • Marsters role: was directed to be a loving, Methodist Priest on Caprica - WhedonAge

In related news, Marsters also said he would appear in the 200th episode of Smallville, and Bear McCreary made a surprise appearance at the panel for The Walking Dead, AMC's new show which he will be scoring.

Here is a quick report from TV Overmind:

James Marsters, Sasha Roiz, Alessandra Torresani, David Eick, and Ronald D. Moore came onto the stage. After a trailer for the show, James Marsters was asked what it is like to be playing a religious terrorist. He said that Barnabas can be considered Timothy McVeigh or Osama bin Laden, take your pick, but what they all have in common is that they all think they know what God wants, which can lead to trouble for those around them. Roiz explains that his character has been trying to find his position within the family, and what his purpose is. Torresani has the pleasure of playing a multitude of characters (although they are Zoey Greystone). Further, she says that she uses Twitter a lot because she wants to make sure the fans are as much a part of the show as possible. Ron Moore spoke about Caprica is like Dallas in that it is a great family drama. - More at TV Overmind

A very extensive report from Livejournal:
  • RDM compares BSG to Caprica in terms of 9/11. BSG was like 9/11 where everyone in the WTC survived and everyone else died. Caprica is more like what's going on in the WTC before 9/11, not knowing what's to come. Caprica is also us today, and they're captuing on familiar touchstones (business, ethics, immigration, etc).
  • What surprised them most about their character from when they were first hired. James was surprised at how much love's involved with his character. Sasha was surprised to find out that Sam was gay (though it makes things more interesting, since it's not an issue in this world). Alessandra was surprised by how many Zoe's there would be, and that there would be scenes where could act only with her eyes because she's standing there as the cylon and her parents are talking about here. She also get to be more kickass in the new episodes. Magda's character was still very undeveloped at the beginning, and she sees that Lacy is still being molded as a character.
  • What's the endgame for Caprica? RDM says that with BSG they knew the endgame, that they would get to Earth one way or another. With Caprica there are a half-dozen points between Caprica and BSG where they could end it. They're looking for a natural way to find that place, but they have no sense yet of the endgame.
  • They were asked about personal experiences that informed their character. Sasha and his family immigrated to Canada from Russia when he was a child, so the immigrant/minority experience has shaped Sam. James' father is a methodist minister, so that informs Barnabas without the blowing up people part.
  • Will we see more younger BSG characters like Cottle. RDM and David joked about a smoking, 8-year-old Cottle, but said they have no plans at this time to introduce more BSG characters. It would be too gimmicky, and David says it would need to be unexpected. (This came up in the Thursday BSG/Caprica panel, which led to some good jokes about little Tom Zarek trying to overthrow his kindergarden class and looking like a tiny prisoner holding the bars of his crib).
  • Someone asked how they balance the deep philosophical questions with the lighter stuff. Someone on the panel said "what lighter stuff?" (followed by a joke that they must be looking for the Warehouse 13 panel). David said it's often just finding small absurdist moments, citing an upcoming scene where... - Hit this link for the spoiler and full report

One from Airlock Alpha:

Moore said that he likes casting women in non-traditional military roles, and in every series, found that placing strong females in any capacity led to other new and interesting female characterizations as well as deep thoughts and discourse about society itself.

That, of course, was an obvious comparison to Moore's reimagined "Battlestar Galactica," which "Caprica" was spun off from. However, Moore maintains that "Caprica" could be better compared to complex family dramas like "Dallas" rather than the former Syfy signature show. At the same time, "Battlestar Galactica" was more of a speculative post-9/11 world where everyone inside the World Trade Center towers survived and everyone else died, whereas "Caprica" is the world inside those towers leading up to a known endgame. That tension of knowing, Moore said, underlies all that they do in "Caprica."

Apanowicz said that when she first read about her character Lacy, she was very undefined. However, as the episodes progressed, the actress really embraced Lacy because she realized how much of her character was defined simply from her lack of definition, waiting for growth and formation -- which she finds in the upcoming episodes.

"Not to give anything away," Eick joked, "but Lacy starts calling herself Larry in the second half of the season." - More at Airlock Alpha

Edit: AirlockAlpha also has a video interview with James Marsters here.

And another one from DaemonsTV, with a bunch of pics from the panel:

Here are some of the highlights from the Caprica panel, as well as some photos:

- James Marsters plays a religious terrorist in the middle of a violent revolution. He chose to base his character on Timothy McVeigh.

- In the second half of the first season, there are a lot of new Zoes that we will meet.

- Second half of the first season will air on January 2011, but David Eick is confident that Caprica will come back for season 2 as well. - DaemonsTV

And one from yesterday's panel with Michael Taylor, Kevin Grazier, Bear McCreary and Aaron Douglas, from Comic Book Resources:

Addressing the previous half-season of “Caprica,” Taylor said, “The first half of the season, we did a lot to set the scenes for what’s to come, the development of artificial intelligence, a 16-year-old girl as a robot, the creation of virtual reality… How are we going to make our way through this technological future?”

Although the second half of the season won’t debut until January, Taylor said, “I think it will be worth waiting for. The second half of the season we’re going to see a lot more action… it opens with a bang … a big explosion, literally.

Graizer added, “I am not on ‘Caprica,’ but … I spoke with Jane [Espenson, co-executive producer], and worked on some of the layout for the 12 colonies. It’s in a multiple-star system, kind of alluded to in ‘The Plan.’ Jane used that to lay out the 12 colonies, and she did a masterful job.”

Finally, Los Angeles Times uploaded a short interview with Alessandra Torresani, who also shared some teasers for season 1.5.

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