Monday, 7 June 2010

Video interview: Ron Moore and Esai Morales (MCM Expo)

Unthinkable has posted a really cool video interview with Ron Moore and Esai Morales from the London MCM Expo last week.

Topics covered:

  • The differences in production of Caprica and Battlestar
  • The teams of writers on the two shows
  • Who has final word on the episodes
  • The end of Battlestar
  • Ron's cameo in the Battlestar finale
  • If there will be more BSG DVD sets in the future
  • Kevin Smith possibly directing an episode of Caprica
  • How close we are to Cylon technology
  • How Patton Oswalt became involved in Caprica
  • How much Ron considers duality to be part of the show
  • If Caprica has a bigger budget for special effects than Battlestar did
  • Filming Zoe and Cylon Zoe
  • The Caprica cast
  • Filming scenes in New Cap City
  • When Caprica is coming back

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