Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Michael Taylor on NDB Radio (podcast)

Caprica writer/producer Michael Taylor was on NDB Radio yesterday and the podcast is now up on BlogTalkRadio.com. It's about an hour long and if you're a fan of Deep Space Nine, Battlestar Galactica or Caprica, you'll want to give it a listen. He talked about two of his episodes of DS9 ("The Visitor" & "In the Pale Moonlight"), Razor, Admiral Cain, the hybrid and his prophecy, and a bunch of other stuff.

He didn't give out any spoilers for Caprica 1.5, but did say that there will be more action & suspense and that issues related to living in the virtual world as opposed to the real one will be explored a lot more than in the first nine episodes. (There's a quality teaser if there ever was one.)   

Not to forget, about 10 minutes into the podcast, there is the first real bit of information about the other Battlestar spinoff, which (if it happens) will take place between the two shows. Good news: Taylor wrote the outline. For details, head over to NDB Radio.

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Charlie said...

Really cool. But, I think making a BSG movie that's exclusively available on the Xbox 360 store would blow chunks of Satanic vomit. Please NBC / Syfy, don't do this. If you want, make it available on Xbox Live, PSN and Itunes, before showing in television later, and then making it available on blu ray. But to tie the movie just to one console would be the most polarizing moves you could make, in relation to science fiction fans and specifically BSG fans.