Sunday, 30 May 2010

Renewal/cancellation update & James Marsters Q&A (Phoenix Comic Con)

Michael Hinman over at Airlock Alpha has an article that addresses some of the concerns about the show possibly not getting picked up for another season. No concrete news, but if you are trying to keep a positive outlook, check it out: Caprica's Chances at Renewal? Strong.

Key paragraph contradicts what Craig Engler tweeted the other day about the show not getting picked up before the fall:

And news should be announced later this month both on when "Caprica" will return, and if Syfy is ordering more episodes for a second season. So keep your fingers crossed.

Granted, it's all coming from an anonymous source, so no one's committing to it, but at least there is a possibility that we may hear something in the near future.

As a sidenote, Ron Moore and Esai Morales attended the London MCM Expo this weekend, but there aren't any extensive reports out there yet. An interesting bit of info comes from this blog and isn't really related to Caprica, but to the other Battlestar spinoff, which hasn't been mentioned in a while either:

Ron Moore confirmed that they are discussing several possible further BSG spinoffs with the studios. Apparently there are multiple possible directions they could take, and no one in particular has been favoured over the others so far; consequently he was reluctant to discuss them. We will also see at least Gemenon and potentially more of the Twelve Colonies in Caprica.

Finally, an update that's actually fun (i.e. involves someone on the creative side of things discussing the show itself.) James Marsters did a Q&A at the Phoenix Comic Con yesterday and the podcast & clips are online. You can listen to the podcast here and, for the videos, go to the Multipleverses YouTube channel. James talked about playing Barnabas and his last day on the Caprica set. If you don't already know whether or not Barnabas makes it through the season alive, the first clip with spoil that for you. The second one is spoiler-free. 

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