Tuesday, 13 April 2010

SyFy to move Caprica, Sanctuary and Stargate Universe to Tuesdays

USA Today writes that SyFy will move its three Friday shows - Caprica, Stargate Universe and Sanctuary - to Tuesday nights in the fall to make room for the Friday Night Smackdown. No word yet on which Tuesday Caprica will return, but here is the report:

World Wrestling Entertainment is moving its Friday Night SmackDown series to cable: Syfy will air the series starting Oct. 1 because its current home, MyNetworkTV, decided to end its contract. Syfy also is moving original series such as Stargate Universe, Sanctuary and Caprica from Fridays to Tuesdays, when viewing levels are higher, and in turn will drop WWE's new NXT series, now being shopped to other cable outlets. SmackDown, a top Friday draw among young men, premiered in 1999 on UPN; Syfy sibling USA airs WWE's Raw. -- USA Today via SpoilerTV


Mars said...

I don't like this. It's bad enough that the show took a break just as it found a good audience, but now to move it to a new night? And for what? A show that has no business being on the network in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Caprica is not only exciting and suspenseful and great in it's creation of Zoe inside the Robot (Cylon). I have the Robot and Zoe on my computer wallpaper. Zoe is an attractive teen with the associated problems much like todays challenges with the system and parents. I will readily follow the series and buy the DVD's for my library. Thanks for your imagination for the affects.
Regards JPK

Anonymous said...

Why is WWE Wrestling on the Sci-Fi channel at all? Makes little sense. Why is Warehouse 13 ranking much higher in the ratings than Caprica and Stargate Universe? makes little sense. I think the average American person has swiss cheese brains and prefers to watch trash over quality science fiction adventures. Oh well, if the SyFy channel wants to grow more swiss cheese brains by catering to them, instead of growing more brilliant and creative minds, than that's what they will do. Sometimes I wonder if the advances in medical technology are allowing genetically inferior people to live long enough to reproduce and in the act, essentially de-evolving the human race. It seems as though I am surrounded by irrational people with chimp brains.