Sunday, 21 March 2010

Titles for the back nine episodes (unconfirmed)

A Czech Caprica fansite has posted the titles (not yet confirmed by SyFy) for the nine episodes in the second half of the season. No word yet when these will air as the schedule has not been set yet, but someone asked Mark Stern on Twitter the other day and he replied, "hopefully this Fall."

Here are the titles:

1x10 Unvanquished
1x11 Retribution
1x12 Things We Lock Away
1x13 False Labor
1x14 Blowback
1x15 The Dirteaters
1x16 The Heavens Will Rise
1x17 Here Be Dragons
1x18 Apotheosis


Anonymous said...

15 at least is consistent with what Esai Morales said.

Anonymous said...

In the fall??? I thought the second half would air in the summer.. Why are they making us wait that long when all the episodes are in the can? Wouldn't it be better to experiment with a summer schedule when there's less competition, Warehouse 13 got great ratings in the summer.