Friday, 19 March 2010

More spoilers for episodes 1x08 & 1x09

A few more details about tonight's ep and the midseason finale that airs next week showed up on SpoilerTV and AICN. Some of the spoilers (especially those for 1x09, "End of Line") are pretty major, so don't scroll past Serge if you don't wanna know.

Episode 1x08, "Ghosts in the Machine," (teaser, clip) airs tonight at 9/8c on SyFy.


This week: Daniel is convinced that Zoe is in the robot body, and puts her through a series of increasingly disturbing tests to try to get her to reveal herself. The second to last test is dousing her with gasoline and setting her on fire, but it's the last test that will make you gasp. Also: Tamara's back and we find out who Joseph's guide in V-world is.

Next week: This was a mostly completed cut of the episode; the only things I noticed that were incomplete were an FX shot in a Pyramid stadium and a continuity error involving a secret message and a bicycle chain. It looks like we'll be getting some new cast members when the show comes back from hiatus, because two characters bite the dust in this episode -- one of these deaths is a shocking murder. Robo-Zoe tries to escape the lab. The last scene is extremely brief and devastating.


1x08 Ghosts in the Machine - "Daniel wages psychological warfare to flush out Zoe when he suspects her avatar is hiding in the Cylon; Joseph is guided to a nightclub in New Cap City that may lead him to Tamara; Vergis tries to drive a wedge between Amanda and Daniel."

1x09 End of Line - "Daniel sets a deadline to reset the Cylon, forcing Zoe to find a way to save herself; Barnabas clashes with Clarice, with Lacy caught in the middle; Daniel makes a confession to Amanda."

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