Sunday, 7 February 2010

New interview with Ron Moore (L.A. Times)

Los Angeles Times talked to Ron Moore about Caprica and has a lengthy article up here.

Some have called "Caprica" a science-fiction soap opera. Is that a fair description and was that the plan?

Well, the intention was to go in that direction. To just do a drama that wasn't set in space. It was kind of important to David [Eick] and I that the show not be about just another "Battlestar" or yet another war series, but to really be different on a fundamental level to what "Battlestar" was. We had always tried to pitch "Battlestar" to the audience as a character drama first, then a sci-fi drama second. There were segments of the audience that we could never convince -- the female audience for instance -- to try the show. They were held back by the hardware and the really sci-fi trappings of the show, but I always felt like science fiction could accommodate different kinds of storytelling that were character-oriented and more grounded, for lack of a better term. So we decided that this show would be very much based on a planet and character-oriented. And the shorthand for that would be primetime soap.

I asked David Eick what his fears were going into production, and he mentioned casting. What were yours?

Mostly it was the budget -- not having enough money to do what we wanted to do. Trying to get enough funds to really realize the world of Caprica and tell the stories that we wanted to tell in the scope that we wanted to do.

The religious aspects are certainly heightened in "Caprica." Did you research religion for the show?

Somewhat. Remi [Aubuchon] really had done more research into that because it was a particular interest of his. A lot of the conversations and initial research on that was done by Remi.

Scorpia will be mentioned more frequently, and Sagittaron we know will eventually become a hotbed of terrorist activity. ... Gemenon is also a very important planet, probably the most important besides Tauron and Caprica, because it's the homebase for the monotheism movement and is the most religiously-oriented of the colonies and a lot of the conflict in the colonies is coming out of Gemenon. Keep reading

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