Thursday, 18 February 2010

Interviews: Paula Malcomson, Sasha Roiz, Jane Espenson, Scott Porter

Okay, three new interviews today. Paula Malcomson talked to TV Star, Sasha Roiz was interviewed by Chicago Now, Jane Espenson explained the history behind Sam Adama's tattoos in the same article, and Scott Porter briefly discussed his role in Caprica while promoting his new film, The Good Guy, which opens this weekend. Links below.

Paula Malcomson:
What makes Amanda interesting to play and, in your opinion, to watch?
I'm not sure what makes her interesting to watch, other than that she's got the same problems as everybody else. Maybe it's just a little bit more exaggerated. She's watching these rich people kind of fall from grace in some ways, and that might be interesting for people to watch. For me, she's just enormously interesting to play because of all the complications that she's going through. That's always interesting to me. It's always interesting to me about playing anyone. What are their problems? What's their pain? Where is their pain? How does it affect them? And then, how do they deal with it? How do they conquer it? How do they arm themselves in the world?

In the upcoming weeks and months, what are you eager to discover about Amanda and about the story in general?
I think that what we're trying to do is make these characters really real and easy to empathize with, the loss in Amanda's life being easily identifiable to everyone. But the thing I love the most is wondering if, eventually, she'll get to see Zoe in whatever form it takes. I think the idea of being able to see your loved ones after you've lost them is pretty appealing. People would literally kill to do that. They'd give anything to be able to spend two minutes with someone they don't see anymore. I think that's the most beautiful plot part of playing this role, but there are 100 other reasons why I love playing Amanda.

You've said in other interviews that you're unpredictable as an actor playing Amanda, that you like to mix things up, change things around. How open are the show's powers that be to your unpredictability?
Well, let's just put it like this: they're in L.A. and I'm in Vancouver, so what are they going to do? It takes them at least six hours to get there with security these days. -- TV Star

Sasha Roiz & Jane Espenson:

The actor who plays the Tauron assassin, awesome uncle and gay family man has to spend hours getting the make-up applied.

"Well, 2 ½ hours and like three or four makeup artists. So, I've got like six to eight sets of hands on me," he said, sometimes standing with his arms spread out. "It's a bit of an ordeal, but ... I just stand there and take it all."

Tattoo-prep for scenes when he's full clothed, which would be the art on his hands and neck, is about a half hour.

Roiz also told me that writer/producer Jane Espenson came up with an entire history of Sam's tattoos, which he said tell Sam's story as a Tauron and a member of the Ha'la'tha gang. (...)

These tatts indicate accomplishments, points of pride and skills.

  • The "Tauron sun" on the back of his hand represents years in service. Each protruding line represents two years in the Ha'La'Tha--these seven lines means Sam's been in for 14 years. Obviously, a new line is added every two years.
  • The two squares on Sam's right index finger indicate Tamara and Willie--children he has dedicated himself to. Ruth (Joseph's mother-in-law) would have many marks like this--for children and grandchildren and godchildren etc. She happens to wear these marks higher on her right arm, not on her hand--it doesn't make a difference.
  • The "Tauron Bull" glyph on the middle finger says that Sam is an earner. This is bestowed on younger ha'la's by their immediate superior. A salesman or businessman would also have this mark.
  • The star on the little finger represents skill with knives. Cooks and butchers bear the same mark somewhere on their right hand or arm. Keep reading

Scott Porter:

Q: What's going on with Caprica?
Scott: I did 10 out of the 18 episodes in the first season. I play this terrorist. It was a great turn for me to have, to move into a different realm. I've played a number of different roles, but never something that was so out there. I play the smart computer nerd/terrorist on Caprica. I was so excited. I'm a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, and how I got that show was such serendipity that it was amazing. I presented the Best Horror category at the Saturn Awards last year, because I was in Prom Night. I saw the Battlestar people there and I walked up and said, "I'm a huge fan of the show," and they said they were huge fans of Friday Night Lights.

Two weeks later, I got a call and they offered it to me. I didn't even audition. It was very, very cool to know that my work in the past led me to be a part of a canon that I just love. Battlestar is amazing. It's a pretty great role. You're going to see Nestor pop up a lot. And, it was awesome to work with Polly Walker. She's phenomenal. --

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