Saturday, 13 February 2010

Interview with James Marsters posted an interview they did with James Marsters last week at the SFX Weekender. He briefly talked about his first impression of Caprica and how he landed the part.

I know that you're working on Caprica right now. Can you tell us how that's going and how you got the role?
I got the role because Jane Espenson asked me to do it. Jane was one of the writers on Buffy. And basically if any of the wirters on Buffy call me I'll come. I want to get back on that mountain top, I feel like I've never really been on that high altitude since Buffy. So Jane called me up and said they needed someone to inject a little danger. I watched the pilot of Caprica and it was so dangerous I had to turn it off. It was too scary for me. I'm not easily scared, but I've got two kids and there were issues that were raised about adolescence that I found too uncomfortable. But at that point I became an addict. Basically, Caprica is a very mature rumination on why our culture is about to explode. It's an issue we don't want to talk about but if you examine where we're going it's not good. I think it's very brave. I wonder if the audience is tough enough to watch it. But I think it's a worthy risk.

The entire Q & A with him from the event is posted on YouTube.

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