Saturday, 20 February 2010

How to build your own Serge in 2010

From Domestic Robots:

Serge seems to have been inspired by the Ballbot which is able to balance itself on a single spherical wheel while traveling about but what makes Serge interesting is the effortless ability to interact with humans and their home while providing a soothing human language response to commands. (...)

Here are some basic "ingredients" to create Serge in 2010:

  • Robotics: Use similar technology as used by the Ballbot or Anybot's Monty
  • A.I.: A mix of speech recognition/feedback system as created by Tellme Networks and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
  • Energy Source: Fuel cell technology
  • Home Navigation: A mix of laser SLAM technology as used by the Neato XV-11, visual SLAM technology as seen on Samsung Tango and NorthStar as used on WowWee's Rovio.
  • Home Automation: Medina's Home Automation System.

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