Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Casting rumour: Another BSG alum

A new casting rumour surfaced in TV Guide's weekly spoiler column and apparently there has also been some talk of a Final Five storyline on Caprica. Not sure how much sense this makes at this point, especially with everything that's been said so far, but here it is:

Will we ever see the world of Battlestar Galactica come crashing into Caprica? — Tally
MICKEY: I will bet you one meeellion cubits that we will. Caprica executive producer Jane Espenson tells us that the new show will address the overlap through the backstory of the Final Five, who, as you remember, started their "lives" on Caprica. "If you actually do the math, the [human-Cylon] war starts about five years from where our characters are in Caprica," Espenson says. And what's this? The producers have already contacted Spartacus' Lucy Lawless about reprising the role of D'Anna on Caprica. Watch your back, Eric Stoltz! -- TV Guide

Just for reference (regarding the Final Five, not D'Anna), here is what Michael Trucco said just the other week:

Do you think Anders could end up being on "Caprica?"
Well, there is certainly the possibility because Eric Stoltz plays the owner of the Caprica Buccaneers and as we all know that Anders was a Caprica Buccaneer. So if he was a sleeper agent Cylon the whole time wouldn't it make sense that he was this superstar athlete recruited to play for the Buccaneers to turn their season around?

And Eric Stoltz's character wanted to keep him forever?
Right. And then this guy keeps playing every season but he stays the same age. I'm like the Brett Farve of the Buccaneers. It'll be Season 22 and I'm still killing it. No, nothing has ever been discussed. I'd love to do a little cameo but I think they are going to keep the two entities separate. -- Chicago Now

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