Saturday, 20 February 2010

The cars on Caprica: Interview with Richard Hudolin (NY Times)

The New York Times has a great article about the cars used on the show. They talked to Caprica's production designer, Richard Hudolin. You can find the article here.
The show is filmed in a trippy computer graphic-enhanced version of Vancouver, where the show is filmed. It’s part Gotham and part Cloud City. The cars, however, are a blend of current models, like Smart cars, and classics. The Jaguar serves as the limousine for one of the main characters, a wealthy technology magnate played by Eric Stoltz. The Citro├źn DS belongs to a lawyer for a crime family on a neighboring planet (called colonies). (...)

Richard Hudolin, the production designer on “Caprica,” said the cars help define the characters and balance the overall modern look of the show. “They’re a good counterpoint to the glass and chrome of the sets,” he said recently in a phone interview. “I wanted to balance that out, soften the look. So we started looking at older cars.” (...)

In adopting a noirish feel for the overall look for “Caprica,” Mr. Hudolin said it freed him from certain periodic constraints in selecting the prop vehicles. “One police vehicle is a Japanese van that’s been decked out and has one cherry on top,” he said. “We also use a contemporary Chrysler 300 because it has that 1940s look.”

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