Sunday, 24 January 2010

New interview with Eric Stoltz

L.A. Times posted a new interview with Eric Stoltz. He talked about his character, Graystone's relationship with his wife and daughter, the general mood of the show, and some of his upcoming projects among other things.

With the acclaim for "Avatar" and the quality of "Battlestar Galactica," sci-fi is being seen in a different light. Are you a big fan of the genre and did that color your decision to join "Caprica"?
I've been pretty lucky -- or slothful -- in that I've never been a "career builder," I take the jobs that come along that feel right, and that's left me fairly open to all genres, really. But with "Caprica," the complex, dark and very smart script was the draw.

Paula Malcomson [who plays Amanda Graystone] described Daniel Graystone as a "Bill Gates-type" on "Caprica." How would you describe him?
That's fairly accurate. With some Oppenheimer, some Dr. Frankenstein, and a little Icarus tossed in as well. A driven, ambitious, creative man who is on the verge of recognizing his limitations and flaws -- always an interesting place to be.

What's his relationship like with Alessandra Torresani's Zoe (pre-train explosion)?
Well, fatherhood is clearly not his strong suit -- I think when she was a very young child they were close, but as she hit the difficult teen years, he put all his frustrations and confusion about parenting into his work -- the one area he excels in.

What's his relationship like with Malcomson's Amanda (post-train explosion)?
Like any couple who have been in a good solid long-term relationship, they have a very strong foundation for when tragedy strikes. This foundation will be tested -- repeatedly -- as they try to find outlets for their grief. But I think they are one of those curious couples who kind of thrill at the challenge of remaining together through thick and thin. Keep reading

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