Monday, 18 January 2010

Alessandra Torresani about the five faces of Zoe

Alessandra Torresani talked to SCI FI Wire about the character(s) she is playing on Caprica. The complete article is here.

"I've done a scene where I play three characters in one," Torresani said. "Season 1.5, the second half, third episode into it. Besides just that, I get to play five completely different characters, which is not like any female 16-year-old show character that I've ever seen before in my life."

Zoe O: "Zoe 0 is the original Zoe, who's the daughter of Amanda and Daniel Graystone," Torresani said in an interview this week in Pasadena, Calif., at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. "She's the rebellious girl that's trying to find the Soldiers of the One and is trying to find the One True God on Gemenon."

V World Zoe: "She creates the avatar, which lives in the virtual world. The avatar is the childlike version of herself, but when original Zoe's in the V club, she's this wild, crazy [girl], has tons of sex, drugs, does all this but now is trying to clean up her act and clean up the V world. Does that kind of make sense to you?"

Cylon Zoe: Daniel Graystone figures out how to put his daughter's memories into the very first Cylon. The show will portray the machine both as a robot (depicted with visual effects) and as Torresani herself (representing the character's inner personality, which only the audience sees).

Zoe 4 and 5: Torresani is keeping the remaining two Zoes a secret. "It's going to get really interesting, really interesting," she said.

Torresani shared a little bit about her process for portraying the different versions of the character. "The avatar, it's like a rebirth of a child," Torresani said. "She's a newborn. She's touching things for the first time. She's standing for the first time. She's talking for the first time. It's this innocence that is very bizarre to see come out of a 16-year-old's body and mouth. I completely erase everything and just pretend that I'm this newborn child. You have to, but it's very, very hard when you're playing the Cylon as well and playing another character."

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Anonymous said...

I guess Alessandra can relate to what the actors on BSG went through. All of the different sixes and eights! Fortunately they have cast outstanding actors in both BSG and Caprica. Caprica is a compelling story and is visually stunning. It is TV at the highest level. I feel sorry for everyone that isn't watching or that never gave it a chance because it is science fiction. (my wife poo poo's all science fiction) Good drama and story telling was the cornerstone of BSG and Caprica is carrying on that outstanding legacy. Congratulations to everyone involved!