Monday, 14 December 2009

Extended Caprica pilot available online

SyFy has released an extended cut of the Caprica pilot. You can watch it here:

Caprica premieres in a little over a month, on January 22, 2010.


Dids said...

nice new header from caprica tv :)

unfortunately, That video not avaliable for Spain :(
Nothing happens, I will wait...

what abaut deleted scenes? many?


fanshawe said...

Hi. I'm afraid I don't live in the U.S. either, so I don't know. But I've read that the extended version will be the one that airs on January 22nd, so I guess we will find out soon enough. :)

JP said...

I cannot view this as I'm also not in the U.S., but this "Extended" pilot is still shorter than the one released on DVD (which I have seen.) Is there any point in watching this, or the pilot that will air on Jan 22nd, if I have already seen the pilot on DVD?

fanshawe said...

According to Airlock Alpha, the extended pilot that SyFy is streaming is a censored version (no nudity) of the one on the DVD, but it has additional scenes and upgraded special effects. They cut the nudity so that anyone can watch it online. Well, anyone in the U.S. anyway.

The version that will air in January will also be censored, but it will have even more new scenes. Bottom line, whatever they added to the extended pilot will be there in the broadcast version too, so we are probably not missing out on much by not seeing the in-between version.

Here are the links to the articles at Airlock Alpha:

JP said...

Well, I guess I'll just have to watch it when it airs in January. Sounds like there will essentially be 3 different versions - the original DVD version, the cut-down and also extended online version, and the further cut-down but also further extended aired version.


I hope that the blu-ray release of Season 1 will have the full version with nothing cut and all the extra scenes and updated special effects.