Thursday, 16 July 2009

Interview with Caprica designer Richard Hudolin

Den of Geek has a new interview with BSG & Caprica production designer Richard Hudolin, whose credits also include Doctor Who, Stargate SG-1, Dead Like Me and Reaper.

He talked about his work on Caprica among other things:

Was it refreshing to have a slightly cleaner slate for Caprica in terms of design?

Well, I shot the pilot while I was finishing off Battlestar, last season. It's fifty-eight years before the Cylon war, so we're kind of re-inventing what Caprica was. It's a lot of fun and a great challenge. Dealing with Ron Moore and David Eick and the writers, we can actually get on the phone and say 'What do you think it should be?' [laughs]. And we come up with all these different ideas...we try and actually bring some of the Battlestar feeling into some of the designs in a subtle way, because by the time you get to fifty-eight years later, these are things that would have evolved. It's kind of like you're retro-fitting something, but you have to make the sense and the logic work for stuff that's going to happen sixty years from now. So it's a real little mind-twist to get some of the stuff right. But if you've seen the pilot, I thought everybody did a really great job on that.

Do you think you'll be sticking with sci-fi? You seem to be doing a lot of it now...

[laughs] Here's the story: I did Doctor Who, which I didn't know was sci-fi - to me it was just a great show to work on. And I had done a whole lot of other shows that weren't science-fiction. Lot of film work, drama, comedy, musical and so on. So I did the pilot for Stargate, and that was a huge success, and then I did five seasons of it. Then I said to myself that I had to get out of here in case people started saying 'All you do is sci-fi'!.

So after I left Stargate I made a big point of taking shows only like drama. comedy, western, whatever...anything but sci-fi. So I then did the pilot for Haunted with Michael Rymer, and that got picked up and shot in LA. Then that went by the wayside, and while I was working on something else, Michael Rymer rang me inviting me down to meet David Eick. When he told me had Battlestar Galactica going, I went 'Oh shit!' [laughs].

And then I said to myself that if I don't take this, it's not going to come around for another forty years, and at that point I probably won't be able to do anything [laughs]. So I took it, and that went for five seasons, and between seasons I would do other things like Painkiller Chain and Eureka, and that evolved into Caprica. It's just one evolvement after another that keeps me in this world right now, but it's nothing that I actually planned.

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