Friday, 10 July 2009

Caprica 1x02 Rebirth - casting call & casting sides

SpoilerTV has posted the casting sides & a casting call for episode 1x02, Rebirth.

The casting call is for a recurring role, a talk show host named Baxter Sarno:

The star of "Backtalk With Baxter Sarno," he's a very bright talk show host similar to Letterman or Leno, but with the political intelligence of Jon Stewart and a retro feel that could belong to Dick Cavett or Jack Paar. He is seen delivering his nightly monologue on the topical events of the day.sptv050769.. (25) RECURRING ROLE. PLEASE SUBMIT NAMES AND NON-NAME ACTORS. MUST BE ABLE TO AD LIB.

The sides are for characters Natalie Stark, a drug dealer named Waylon, a "man at the mic," a cop, a character named Tanner and his pregnant wife Mar-Beth, Nestor Willow (relation to Clarice is pretty spoilerish so either read the sides or wait for the episode ;)), a concession worker, pyramid commentators Steve Bahara and Abasi Lowe, and two young scientists named Philomon and Drew, who work at Graystone's lab.

To read the sides, go to SpoilerTV.

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