Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Alessandra Torresani and Michael Trucco talk about Caprica

SCI FI Wire interviewed Alessandra Torresani and Michael Trucco recently and they both discussed Caprica as well as the Battlestar movie that comes out in November, The Plan.

Trucco was asked if Sam Anders might appear in the series and he said it wasn't impossible, but there were no plans for an appearance yet. "I don't know if they would ever do it, like, as just a cameo. Like maybe a walk-by in the background—'Wait, wasn't that ... ?' But, no, no discussions. Nothing has been discussed in terms of if we want to bring some of the Cylons from Battlestar back into Caprica. But who knows? The show still has yet to be aired and take off, and if they decide that's a storyline then we'll do it."

Here is another quick quote:

Are events such as the Battlestar auctions sort of a stopgap for the show, since it seems to live on with Caprica and The Plan, the upcoming DVD movie?

Trucco: It does sort of hammer it home that it's over. The alternative [with the props] would have been to store them, which is costly: It's time-consuming, it's space-consuming and financially consuming. I think [executive producer] Ron [Moore] was pretty adamant about not resurrecting the series, one of those "We're going off the air. No, we're not! We're coming back. Oh, no we're not!" He didn't want to play like that, so he said this was the end of the show. So as far as I know, this is the end of the show. That's not to say they couldn't revive it; I think they could. From a fan standpoint, I think they could, and it would be viable. We're done with this version as it is. Caprica will take on as, a prequel, the themes of Battlestar Galactica, and I think it's going to do a great job. I saw the pilot, and I thought it was fascinating. SCI FI Wire

Alessandra Torresani gave a lengthy interview about her role on Caprica and talked about what lies ahead for her character (and all its manifestations).

Here are a few quotes:

"I talked to Jane [Espenson], one of our writers, and I found out there's going to be a bunch of flashback scenes, and I am going to be a Cylon, and I'm having to take miming classes because they want me to wear the little dots on my face and actually be miming as a Cylon."

How tough was it to define Zoe in just a few scenes and then go back and present her as a "version" of herself that isn't quite complete?

Toreson: I took it as twins. That's how I kind of [saw] the characters, as Zoe and Zoe-A. They are basically the same person, but they are also completely opposite. That's how I feel twins are: People look at them and think they are the same, but they always have different personalities. I took Zoe as just a hard ass: She's a brat, she knows who she is, and she doesn't understand why no one else believes in her except for her best friend and her boyfriend. She doesn't understand why her mother and father don't get her.

But she takes life for granted because she has all of this money, and she can do whatever she wants, so she basically says, "F--k you guys, I'm going to do my own thing." Then I took Zoe-A, or avatar Zoe, as the sweet child or innocent [version] of what the original Zoe was earlier in her life. She is more naïve because thinking is brand new to her, so she's a brand-new, newborn baby. So her eyes just light up when she sees certain things, but she's deeply, deeply scared, and she is the innocent of the original Zoe. So the two of them, they make a perfect whole.

Is there anything you're most looking forward to sinking your teeth into?

Toreson: Well it's great, because I'm playing the original Zoe in flashbacks. I'm playing avatar Zoe, and we're going to have a few more avatar Zoes in the club. I know I'm going to be blond in one of them, maybe I'll have pink hair in another one, and then I'm also going to be playing the Cylon. So who knows when the Cylon's going to come through? The Cylon could magically turn into a human-form Cylon. I mean, that's me hoping that's where it's going to come to—I don't know about that—but that's the way I think it would eventually turn out to become. I'm just hoping to play as many people as I possibly can, and I'm up for the challenge—the emotional and comedic challenge behind it. SCI FI Wire