Sunday, 28 December 2008

Ron Moore on Caprica getting picked up

Ron Moore talked to Clayton Neuman at about the Galactica midseason finale, the final 10 episodes, and use of faith and religion in the series. He also briefly mentioned Caprica:

Q: Next you've got Caprica. Are you surprised it took so long for SciFi to greenlight it?

A: I'd literally given up. You hear that a lot from studios and networks: "Well it's not really dead, we're not saying no." But they're saying no. It's never coming back, and I just thought we were in that spot. It's a gamble: We're making a character drama in a science fiction universe that has nothing to do with action/adventure each week. Nobody's been able to pull that one off, and it would be great to do that. It would be another way to validate the genre as supporting interesting and good programming.

SCI FI ordered 20 episodes of Caprica in November. Production will start in mid-2009 and the series is expected to premiere early in 2010.

Battlestar Galactica returns on January 16 at 10 on the SCI FI Channel.

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