Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Avan Jogia talks about Caprica

MediaBlvd Magazine has an interview with Avan Jogia, who plays Ben Stark in the Caprica pilot. He talks about the show among other things:

One of the roles that we really want to get into with you is Caprica. We have a lot of fans of Battlestar Galactica here and we have a couple of the actors official sites and we’ve interviewed most of the cast at one point or another. I know we can’t talk about too many spoilers and such, but what can you tell us about it?

Yeah, plot line stuff we can’t get into. But filming Caprica was amazing. I play Ben Stark. He’s a member of a monotheistic cult, which is made up of fanatic religious zealots basically. He is a very dark character because of his intense love for his religion His willingness to do whatever he needs to do to get his ideas across is kind of really dark and hard to play. It was an amazing cast and crew. Jeffrey Reiner is the director, he did Friday Night Lights, and he’s such a visionary. I really can’t wait to see if it goes to series or what’s happening with it. I really want to figure out what happens with the characters, because it sets up a really big cliffhanger. I really want to know what happens.

Is the word still out about whether or not it’s going to go to series? We’ve heard rumors that it might.

There’s no official word yet. There’s been some rumors that it would air on Sky TV in November, but I think it’s most likely that it will air after BSG. There’s no real date. I really hope it goes to series, because I think BSG is such a great show. I watch it a lot and was kind of a nerd for awhile. I think it challenges a lot of interesting ideas like religion and politics and our social interaction. It’s a great show and the most exciting sci fi show I’ve ever watched. I’m not huge into sci fi TV, and that’s something that got me into it.

If you’ve been a fan of the show for a few years, how does it feel to find out that you are going to be right there involved with the origin of the Cylons?

It’s kind of awesome. I started auditioning for the show, and hadn’t really watched it as intensely. Then I got the three series and watched them back to back to back with chips and pop. I really got into it, and it’s so interesting. I’m in the beginning of the Cylon’s. Everything in BSG is based around this prequel.

For the full interview, visit MediaBlvd Magazine.

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