Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Cylon creator a cross between Prospero and Bill Gates

Eric Stoltz spoke to iF Magazine about his new show, Blank Slate, and Caprica came up in the interview. Here is the relevant section:

iF: Can you talk about your character in CAPRICA?

STOLTZ: I play Daniel Greystone, a cross between Prospero and Bill Gates, if Bill Gates had a little more money.

iF: It’s been picked up as a full series, hasn’t it? Or is it still waiting for the greenlight from SCI FI?

STOLTZ: I haven't heard a word from them. Your guess is as good as mine.

iF: Are you a fan of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA? How different is it from the original series – it being a prequel and all?

STOLTZ: This is a tricky question. I am indeed a fan of BSG, but CAPRICA really doesn't have much in common with it other than one character who appears as a child in our show and an adult in BSG. There are no space ships, no battles, no constant relentless pursuit. What it shares with BSG is wonderfully rich writing, themes, and characters that are smart and complicated. I hope the BSG fans will enjoy it too, and think of it not so much as a prequel to BSG, but as a distant relative.

iF: If BLANK SLATE did get picked up to series, would that interfere with your role in CAPRICA if that was greenlit, or would you be able to do both?

STOLTZ: I have no idea. Those things are rarely left up to the actors involved.

For the full interview, go here.

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