Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Caprica news recap - rumours, new cast, possible release date

Filming dates for the Caprica two-hour pilot popped up on several sites. Production on the pilot is scheduled between May 22 and June 19.

The IMDb page has been updated to include a release date -December 2008 - as well as some new cast members: Sasha Roiz and Katie Keating.

Roiz will reportedly play Sam, Joseph Adama's gangster brother, and 17-year-old Keating will play a character named Caston.

Other names added to the crew list include Galactica miniseries cinematographer Joel Ransom, production designer Richard Hudolin, costume designer Glenne Campbell and casting directors Heike Brandstatter and Coreen Mayrs.

The rumours that Caprica will most likely go to series in order to deliver a well rounded story also got an update at the end of May, when the Dr. and Mrs. Who cited production sources as saying that Caprica was being pitched to the Sci Fi Channel as a limited run series.

SyFy served another interesting rumour that goes back to Razor, the TV movie released back in November that served as an introduction to Galactica's final season. In Razor, Lee Adama's XO Kendra Shaw encounters a Cylon hybrid who says all kinds of things about Starbuck being the harbinger of death, the Final Five clawing toward the light, etc. Well, SyFy's new source says - and none of this is confirmed, but the rumour is still a big possible spoiler - that the hybrid is none other than Daniel Graystone, the father of the Cylons and one of the two leading characters in the Caprica series.

Finally, speaking of leads, the first picture with several major cast members - Esai Morales (Joe Adama), Paula Malcomson (Amanda Graystone) and Alessandra Toreson (Zoe Graystone) - in one place has emerged on Flickr.

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