Wednesday, 21 May 2008

New Ron Moore interview

Wired has a nice, lengthy interview with Battlestar Galactica and Caprica creator Ronald D. Moore.

He briefly mentions Caprica in it, saying: "It's busy. Caprica is going. We're in pre-production. We have a director. They're starting to cast right now."

When asked if he will be running the show, he says: "Well, it's just a pilot for now. There's no order for a series, so there's nothing to show-run. There's just a pilot to produce, and I'm one of the producers. The script has been written for two years, so there's not a lot of heavy lifting on the page."

Finally, he remembers the days when it didn't look like Caprica would ever make it to production stage.

"Oh, I'd given up on it. I'd frankly just given up on it. It was on the back burner. They never said definitively no. They just said, well, not now. And they kept saying, well, not now. You just give up at a certain point. And I was sure it was never going to happen. And then during the writers strike I literally read it in TV Guide that they were doing it. Somebody said, did you see the mention in TV Guide? They're talking about Caprica."

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