Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Esai Morales cast as Joseph Adama

Esai Morales, most recently seen playing Major Beck on the CBS' on-again-off-again post-nuclear drama Jericho, has been cast as Joseph Adama, the attorney at the centre of the Caprica story and father of Admiral William Adama.

The character was most prominently introduced during the Gaius Baltar trial toward the end of Battlestar Galactica season three as a famous defense attorney and man drawn to the hidden side of human nature, driven equally by a sense of justice and by the need to understand the things that make people do the things they do.

In the Caprica pilot, Joseph Adama is in his forties, a Tauron immigrant who has changed his real name "Adama" to "Adams," who has connections to the crime underworld and has used them in the past to protect other Taurons from different forms of prejudice, and generally the kind of man you wouldn't want for an enemy.

After his wife and daughter are killed in an explosion, Adama is left with his nine-year-old son William and befriends Daniel Graystone, a brilliant computer engineer whose daughter is killed in the same attack. Prompted by grief, he reluctantly agrees to help Graystone recreate their daughters in robotic form.

Production on Caprica is scheduled to begin this summer.

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