Friday, 16 May 2008

Caprica series likely to be greenlit

Caprica will very likely get the green light to go to series even before the two-hour pilot airs according to anonymous production sources cited by The Doctor and Mrs Who radio on yesterday's show. Fantastic news if it turns out to be true.

The same sources say that we'll be getting an extra dose of the Galactica universe after the show ends in the shape of a trilogy of straight-to-DVD TV movies. This reportedly may have something to do with the news about Galactica creator Ron Moore signing a three movie deal with United Artists.

In the meantime, an interesting interview with Aaron Douglas (Tyrol) has surfaced on the Dreamwatch SciFi site, in which he provides a glimpse into the origin of the Final Five Cylons among other things. What he says sort of contradicts the assumption that the Caprica pilot will deal with the creation of the very first Cylons.

You can check out the interview here.

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