Saturday, 17 May 2008

Caprica - regular characters

The casting info for the Caprica pilot and series is already out there and the major characters in the pilot who will become regulars if the prequel goes to series have been revealed. Here they are:

DANIEL GRAYSTONE (Eric Stoltz) - A wealthy computer engineer and businessman preoccupied with the idea of designing an intelligent robot. Married to Amanda and father of Zoe, his work doesn't leave him enough time for his family and he is completely oblivious to the life his daughter leads and to her own knack for computer technology.

JOSEPH ADAMS (Esai Morales) - Tauron emigrant, husband of Evelyn and father of Tamara and William, son of a farmer and freedom fighter, and an influential defense attorney on Caprica with connections in the Tauron crime underworld. Changed his name from "Adama" to "Adams" when he first arrived on Caprica to escape prejudice. An authority in his field, he has written at least two books: Law and Mind: The Psychology of Legal Practice and Trial Tactics and Strategies.

AMANDA GRAYSTONE (Paula Malcomson) - a successful Caprican surgeon, married to Daniel and mother of Zoe. After tragically losing her daughter, she turns to her old lover, Tauron computer engineer and her husband's competitor Tomas Vergis, for consolation and to do some good old fashioned industrial espionage.

SISTER CLARICE WILLOW (Polly Walker) - Athenian High Priestess and headmistress of the Athena Academy, a private religious school that Zoe Graystone and her boyfriend Ben attend. A sophisticated woman from a humble background, Sister Clarice is a closet monotheist who uses her position to convert her best students to the cult.

ZOE GRAYSTONE/ZOE-A/ZOE-R (Alessandra Torresani) - Daniel and Amanda Graystone's 16-year-old daughter, converted to the belief in a single god by her school headmistress, proficient at computer science, manages to upload her DNA and memories to a computer and create a hologram of herself - Zoe-A. After her death, her father discovers the avatar to create a robotic version of her - Zoe-R.

WILLIAM ADAMS - Joseph and Evelyn Adama's nine-year-old son who will later fight in the First Cylon War as a viper pilot and eventually lead the survivors of the Twelve Colonies to Earth as the commander of the Battlestar Galactica and admiral of the Colonial Fleet. Described as a reserved child.

BEN STARK/BEN-A - student at the Athena Academy and Zoe Graystone's boyfriend. Introduced to monotheism and the cult Soldiers of One by Clarice Willow, he becomes a radical and blows up the train that was to take him and Zoe out of Caprica, killing them both. But not before his personality is uploaded to a computer, like Zoe's.

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