Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Caprica pilot not a self-contained story, says source

SyFyPortal's Michael Hinman has an interesting post about the Caprica pilot and whether or not it stands a chance as a series in light of the fact that it was in development hell for quite a while and would probably not have been greenlit if it had not been for the WGA strike, the popularity of parent series Battlestar Galactica and Ron Moore looking to leave Sci Fi for NBC.

A source told SyFy that the two-hour pilot is not really a self-contained story as much as it is the first episode in a "highly serialized drama which requires a lot of setup:"

"When they did Battlestar, they were given a miniseries that set it all up, and if they had never done a series, you could be happy with that one product. But Caprica is not the same. We're not getting anywhere near the time we need to tell this story in a single production, and I'm worried that fans will watch it and say, 'And?'"

"It's a great story, but we [leave] off right in the middle of the story. There's really nothing wrong with that, if there was a continuation the next week, but it could be months if not longer before any episodes continue the story. It's just not self-contained."

"What they need to do is give us a 10- or 12-hour order. We have to give this show a chance, and we're not doing it any justice by presenting just a small piece and hoping there's enough audience who will stick around to see more next year. It's like starting to watch The Sixth Sense, but turning it off after the first act. There needs to be a stronger commitment to the show."

Other inside sources on Galactica have recently said that Caprica will probably get greenlit even before the pilot airs. If true, the rumour might just put the concerns about the pilot telling an unfinished story to rest.

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