Thursday, 22 May 2008

Avan Jogia cast as Ben Stark

IMDb has updated the Caprica cast page to include 16-year-old Canadian actor Avan Jogia, who will presumably play Ben Stark, Zoe Graystone's boyfriend who becomes a radical monotheist and commits the terrorist act that sets the events that eventually lead to the creation of the first Cylon in motion.

Jogia's most prominent television role so far was Sam on Aliens in America, show recently axed by CW. His complete resume is available on his IMDb page.

The news of the Vancouver-born actor being cast on Caprica has not been officially confirmed yet.


Harjot said...

is this a show or a movie????

Fanshawe said...

Right now, it's a two-hour pilot/television movie, with two additional scripts ordered by Sci Fi.

They're supposed to decide this month whether or not Caprica will go to series and get a full season or the pilot is all they'll produce.